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Gregory Blake was the former School Administrator for a private school in Washington DC and Philadelphia for 8 years; the Leadership Development Specialist for BMW and the Greenville Hospital System, and the Leadership/ Diversity Specialist for Advantica Corporation (Denny's).

He also serves as adjunct professor for Furman University, Clemson University, the University of SC, and the SC Bankers Association.​

Title Description

Ways To Praise

"Giving Attention to Retention and Recognition."

  • Why we stay on the job
  • How to connect with the employee
  • What workers want from their job
  • Why we take a job in order of preference
  • Top motivators for the employee
  • 50 ways to praise that cost nothing or very little
  • Ways to make deposits and ways to make withdrawals
  • How to give individual recognition
  • Care packages for monthly recognition
  • Employee of the moment vs. employee of the month
  • Raising spirit as a strategic initiative

Talk To Me

"Creating a Competent Communication and Listening Culture."

  • The strategic communication process
  • The communication culture assessment
  • The say/do communication matrix
  • The coach's 12 responsibilities for communicating with the team
  • Listening skills - empathy vs. sympathy
  • Using reflective listening skills when appropriate to improve communication
  • Body language, tone of voice, words used - 68, 38, 4 formula
  • Your image - how others see you

In Us We Trust

"Establishing a Trusting and Ethical Work Environment and Culture"

  • Think of someone you trust
  • Barriers to workplace trust
  • Bridges to building workplace trust
  • Trust, ethics and character defined
  • Definition of integrity
  • The circle of mistrust
  • The five credit withdrawals
  • The five credit deposits
  • Walking the ethical chalk line.

Serve-Us From the Heart

"Exceeding the Internal/External Customers Expectations"

  • Walk the talk and talk the chalk
  • Definition of excellence
  • 70/50 Principle
  • The freezer, factory, friendly and fabulous service zones
  • Fishlosophy! With passion
  • Moments of truth
  • Hear me, encourage me, acknowledge me, recognize me, trust me
  • Employee #1, Customer is #2—contented cows do give better milk
  • Catering and caring via customer focused delivery principles
  • Tactics for "standing above the crowd of alikes"
  • Walkers and talkers

Servant Leadership

"Walking and Talking the Talk"

  • The servant leader and his/her value system
  • Roles, responsibilities and expectations of the team leader
  • Definition of the leader/follower
  • Leadership differentiation from management
  • Characteristics that make for an effective leader
  • Sharing the vision value and mission with others
  • Recognize the leader's own barriers to success
  • Leader's personality style and influence
  • Recognize others' personality styles.

Encore Performance

"Getting Stellar Performance Out of Your Players"

  • The performance challenge worksheet
  • People and performance enhancement principles
  • The giving and receiving end
  • What the employee thinks when he or she hears the word performance appraisal
  • What the manager thinks when he or she hears the word performance appraisal
  • The 3 "C" reasons for poor team performance
  • Feedback: The breakfast of champions
  • Conducting the performance expectations dialogue
  • Pitfalls to performance reviews

Lessons from the Locker Room

"Coaching Tools, Tips and Techniques for Premium Performance"

  • Definition of coaching and a coach
  • The coach's needs/the players needs
  • How to coach on the fly-5 minute coaching
  • How to coach employees to a greater level of performance
  • How to give positive feedback and feedback for improvement
  • Coaching plan for improved performance
  • The coaches 30 day workout
  • The bug report for ongoing communication
  • Conducting effective, result-oriented meetings
  • How to coach the stellar performer, the middle performer and the falling performer
  • Ways to praise the players
  • Attention to retention tools to keep your best players
  • Delegation tactics
  • Building trust with the players, tactics for developing integrity

Art of Decision-Making

  • The life decision assessment
  • Decisions whether, decisions which, contingent decisions
  • 7 step decision-making process
  • 12 practical decision-making tips
  • 3 dangers in making poor decisions
  • Over coming "Decidophobia"
  • When not to make decisions
  • Characteristics of great decision makers
  • Making wise decisions based on your personal value system.

Juggle Struggle

  • Getting more out of your day and meetings when multi-tasking
  • Time tips for greater planning
  • Putting your MPSS goals in writing
  • The value of time - the 86,400 Principle
  • Organizing your workspace
  • Books, desk, mail, memos and files
  • Organized vs. clutter
  • The pack rat test
  • Phone numbers, addresses and business cards
  • Tips when traveling away from the office
  • The dirty dozen

We Building

"Tools, Tips & Techniques for High Performing Teams"

  • Team mission, vision and values statement
  • Bleeding vs. hemorrhaging
  • Recognize the purpose and value in forming a team
  • Using the diversity of each team member to the team's advantage
  • Team development profile
  • Strengths and undeveloped strengths of each player
  • Challenges, exciting, what would I do if I were the leader-exercise
  • The bug report feedback tool

Diversity University

"Celebrating the Specialties and Talents of the Team Players"

  • Definition of Diversity
  • Tolerance scale from appreciate to appalling-exercise
  • 5 principles for appreciating others
  • Prejudice and pre-judging
  • The more stressing of differences the greater the tendency for polarization

Mad Now Disease

"Dealing with conflict and anger on the team and in the workplace"

  • Recognize behaviors and attitudes that can lead to conflict
  • Recognize preferred personal conflict strategy
  • Apply the most effective conflict resolution strategy based on the situation at hand
  • Conflict intervention by using collaboration formula
  • P.E.A.C.E. negotiation
  • Handling rage and anger in the workplace
  • Collaboration vs. combativeness

I believe in engaging, igniting, "edutaining" and providing a memorable and lasting learning experience for the class participant. I do NOT use powerpoint. My sessions are interactive, practical, applicable and memorable with homework assignments to reinforce the learning.. The tips, tools and techniques given can be immediately "Put into practice" the next day back at the workplace.

  • My Memoirs; Carving the Table...now available on Amazon in e-book format.
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