Cathy Edwards Ovington's dedication to Client-Focused Selling comes from over 25 years of success with this sales approach. She has delivered hundreds of sales workshops based on this process, which focuses, from start to finish, on understanding and meeting your clients' most critical needs. She also facilitates strategy sessions focused on effectively positioning and marketing your products and services. Cathy has an M.B.A. in Computer Applications and Information Systems from NYU, and a B.A. degree in English from Lafayette College. She has studied in Mexico at The University of the Americas. Clients include CMP Media, Disney, Int'l Association for Exhibition Management, Inc. Magazine, Putman Media, Sears, The Times-Mirror Company and US West. Prior to consulting, Cathy was with Ziff-Davis for ten years, where she developed and directed sales and marketing staffs; collaborated with management teams to develop strategic marketing plans; and traveled extensively in Europe to consult in marketing development and sales training for new business ventures.

Title Description

Client-Focused Selling

Client-Focused Selling is a sales approach that focuses, from start to finish, on the client. It depends on first understanding a client’s most urgent challenges and goals before presenting your product. You then customize your sale based on client needs. This interactive and consultative process is the best way to sell any product. It is especially effective when selling intangible products, like services or advertising space, or when selling technical or complex products. It works well for all types of salespeople, with all types of sales styles.

High Performance Selling

This hands-on course introduces the process of client-focused selling step-by-step. Using a client scenario based on your market, you’ll work in small groups to brainstorm, role-play and critique sales strategy and delivery skills as you build a client-focused sales presentation.

Boot Camp: Client-Focused Sales

Boot Camp is a total-immersion program in client-focused selling, appropriate for those in sales, sales management and strategic marketing. It provides a solid foundation from which to build successful client strategies and customized sales presentations.

Baseball Series

These may be designed as half-day or full-day classes. Each focuses on sharpening a specific skill area. They are appropriate for salespeople and sales managers at all levels of experience.

Competitive Maneuvers

Each Competitive Maneuvers session builds on the Client-Focused Selling process learned in Boot Camp. You will again bring along a key client to work with; your role-play presentations will be customized to this client. Each Competitive Maneuvers has a different focus, and each requires only Boot Camp as a prerequisite. These classes are typically scheduled in a half-day, full-day, half-day format.

Maximizing Phone Power

Whether you’re an inside or field salesperson, maximizing effectiveness on the phone will maximize your sales success. This course is a great introduction to client-focused selling, and a good refresher for those who already practice a client-focused sales approach.

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