Baseball Complex Celebrates Grand Opening on May 11

Furman Baseball players say "Thank you."


We have plans for $3.5 million of facility enhancements at Latham Stadium. We have divided the campaign into two phases. Phase I upgrades focus on improving the team experience with a $2 million clubhouse with spacious indoor batting cages, coaches' offices and locker rooms. Phase II upgrades focus on enriching the fan experience with an enhanced press box, concessions, public restrooms, completed chair backs and covered seating.

Phase I nearly completed

The facility is now in use by the baseball team and staff as they enjoy the spring season. There is still support needed to complete Phase 1 as Furman has raised $1.85 MM towards the $2 million goal for the clubhouse. The new facility is located down the right field line just beyond the field of play. It has already become a symbol to the recruits and to the baseball community at large of Furman's commitment to the program.

"The drastic, positive changes that I have seen here are unparalleled in the Southern Conference and I really feel we are being elevated to the top with this new facility." - Alex Abrams '14

Phase I photos

Phase II is slated to begin after Phase 1 is fully completed.

View rendering for the entire vision for baseball facilities, Phase I & II.

Student Experiences

"Whether facing down the batters of the daunting South Carolina Gamecocks or pushing myself through sprints up a notorious hill on campus, my experience as a Furman Baseball player has prepared me for many of the challenges of life. After persevering through four years of Furman Baseball's arduous schedule, I have developed the discipline and consistency necessary to succeed in the workplace and in my relationships. Add to this determination the sense of humor that I have picked up from teammates in the dugout, and it is one knockout combination. I know that as I leave the program after this Spring, I will be well trained to thrive in the world beyond Furman. Because really, what could be more difficult than weightlifting at 6 A.M.? Well, at least to a college student." - Daniel Stallsmith `12

"I've made friendships that will last far beyond my time at Furman. We go through so much together. We live, work, eat, and play together. We practice through the fall, train through the winter, and finally get to play in the spring...these guys have become more than friends to me, they are like brothers. The relationships I have built, as well as the lesssons I have learned in my 4 seasons as a Furman baseball player extend far beyond the baseball diamond." - Will Miller `12