The Furman Standard

Furman boasts a long tradition of excellence in teaching and mentoring. Furman professors, known for their almost sacrificial willingness to help others, often maintain lifelong relationships with their students, and alumni continually share stories of how a mentor's influence, advice or sympathetic ear helped pave the way for their future success.

To preserve and build on this tradition, the university is making a major investment in professional development for faculty. By offering professors greater support and expanded opportunities to pursue research, involve more students in their work and remain current in their disciplines, Furman is demonstrating its commitment to maintaining a faculty that is second to none, and to supporting both current and future mentors.

Through the program, called The Furman Standard, donors may honor one or more individuals by pledging $25,000 (payable over five years) or by establishing a $100,000 planned gift. Contributions to The Furman Standard will be pooled to help provide professors the materials, training, development and other opportunities they need to remain leaders in their fields. Donors and those they honor (or their families) will come together at an annual dinner on campus.


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Mentor Stories


Initiative Leadership

  • George Ligler '71
  • Kevin Byrne '91
  • Kimberly Chappell '88
  • Dara Keller '94
  • Keith Keller '94

My Furman Story

John Campbell ‘71 has contributed to The Furman Standard to honor Don Aiesi. “Simply put, I would not have become a lawyer and would not have enjoyed the wonderful and blessed career that I have experienced if it were not for Don Aiesi. As a student in his political science class during my senior year at Furman, Dr. Aiesi took me aside after one of his classes. He asked what I was going to do after graduation, and I told him that I did not know. I was a math major and had been accepted at Duke University in its mathematics graduate school. His next words were frank and profound: ‘You need to be a lawyer.’ He recommended the law schools to which I should apply and helped me with my applications. He even told me that we would practice law together some day. There is much more to this story but it all started with Don Aiesi and his efforts on behalf of one student who greatly needed his help. Why? Because he truly cared. Dr. Aiesi, there is still time for us to practice law together." See who other alumni have chosen to honor.