Furman United

Three years ago, we created Furman United as a two-year program to help our students in the wake of the nation's recession. Our mission was to ensure that every student who began their academic career at Furman would have the opportunity to graduate as a Paladin. With your help, more than 165 students are still on that path.

What we learned, however, is that there is a permanent need for this program. Every year, we have students who are impacted by an unexpected financial hardship. Every year, a student has to make a choice between their education and their financial future. Together, we can help our students overcome an extraordinary burden.

Backed by a generous grant from the Daniel Mickel Foundation, we've made it our goal to help every Furman student through a financial crisis. Your support makes all the difference. The Daniel Mickel Foundation will match every gift of $25 or more with $100. If you contribute $1,000 or more, the Foundation will match your gift dollar for dollar.

Invest in the future of our students. Give now.

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