Migrating your email messages to Office 365

If you have opted to migrate your FirstClass messages to Office 365 please read the following information carefully.

What will be migrated?

  • Email in your Mailbox and in folders one level below the Mailbox
  • Sent email
  • File attachments, except .exe files

What will NOT be migrated?

  • Folders (and their contents) nested more than one level deep in your Mailbox
  • Folder which contain the / or \ characters
  • Folders which contains over 2,000 items.  Folders which contain more than 2,000 items should be broken up.
  • Items in a folder called "Do Not Migrate" - If you would like to move only a portion of your email messages to Office 365, please place the items you do not wish to migrate in a folder called "Do Not Migrate".
  • Contacts and mail lists (can be moved after migration – see instructions)
  • Anything on your FirstClass desktop
  • Messages in conferences
  • Threaded conversations or organizing Sent email into folders - If you currently group sent items and received email in conversation threads or organize Sent email into folders with received email in FirstClass, please be aware all sent email will be moved to the Sent Items folder in Office 365.  Office 365 does have threaded conversations but it does not maintain the threads from the email exported from FirstClass.
  • Files not attached to email
  • FirstClass calendars (can be moved after migration – see instructions)
  • FirstClass bookmarks (can be moved after migration – see instructions)

Clean up FirstClass Email

If you plan to migrate your email, the Office 365 project is also a good opportunity to clean up your FirstClass email.  In addition to having a fresher start in Office 365, removing unnecessary email from FirstClass will speed up the migration process (which takes on average over 11 hours per user) and allow you to get up and functioning as quickly as possible.  Attachments can be very large and may be a good place to perform some clean up.  If you don’t need the accompanying email, please save attachments to your computer and delete the email.  This could potentially save a considerable amount of space in FirstClass.

Preparing your FirstClass email for migration

The migration tool we have acquired to move your email messages from FirstClass has the following limitations:

Nested Folders

The migration tool can only copy email from FirstClass in the Mailbox or from folders nested only one-level below the Mailbox.  Any folders nested more than one-level deep will not be converted.  If you currently use nested folders, please prepare your FirstClass for migration by moving the nested folders to one-level below the Mailbox.

Number of Items in a Folder

The migration tool can only migrate up to 2,000 items per folder.  If a folder contains 2,000 items it must be split into other folders until all folders are below the limit.

Special Characters in Folder Names

A folder name cannot contain these special characters, / or \ , in order for the migration tool to function properly.  Folders containing these special characters need to be renamed.

    NOTE:  If you request to have your email migrated it cannot be completed until you have informed ITS that your FirstClass is prepared for the migration.


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