Conference Replacement Options

There are several different options for replacing First Class conferences; each option meets different needs. Please look for the option that best matches your group’s requirements.

Global Mailing Lists

A global mailing list acts as a normal email address and can be accessed by name in the TO, CC, and BCC areas of Office365. Any email (from on or off campus) sent to a global mailing list is distributed to all members of the mailing list at one time, straight to their personal inbox. Global mailing lists can be private (can only be used by members) or public (anyone can send email to them). They are created by ITS but are under the control of the list administrator. Global mailing lists are best used to distribute information to a group or for a group to communicate within itself. ITS strongly recommends using global mailing lists to replace any conference that does not need additional functionality.

Personal Mailing Lists

These are just like global mailing lists, except ITS does not create or maintain them. They can be shared with other Office 365 users, and any changes made to a personal mailing list are passed automatically to everyone who uses that list. These are best used for temporary groups that need the same functionality as a global mailing list, or for very small groups.

Shared Mailboxes

A shared mailbox is an inbox shared by many users. It will appear as an additional inbox and can be accessed in the same way as a user’s personal inbox. They can be sent email just like a global mailing list. Shared mailboxes also provide a generic outgoing email address that can be shared by many users (similar to sending an email from a conference in First Class). They are also created by ITS. Shared mailboxes are best for groups that need to send email from a single group address.


Moodle is already available and is used extensively by both faculty and staff. It offers group mail distribution and threaded discussions (like a forum). Moodle can also host files accessible by all group members. However, Moodle groups cannot receive email from an outside source like a mailing list or shared mailbox. All academic or class-related groups are urged to move to Moodle, along with any group that requires file sharing or threaded discussions.


This system is also currently available and managed by Student Life. OrgSync groups offer mail distribution, threaded discussions, and file sharing. They also offer a suite of calendar and event planning options. All student-oriented groups are strongly urged to move to OrgSync, along with any group that needs its extra functions.   OrgSync online training is available every Tuesday at 4:00 pm.  You can register by accessing the Help function in the upper right-hand corner of the OrgSync page.

MyFurman Portal

Finally, conferences that are open and shared by large parts of the Furman community – Student News, Faculty News, Staff Notices, Public Announcements, and Classifieds – will all move to MyFurman, Furman’s web portal. These will also be accessible in your personal Office365 via RSS feeds.


First Class Conference Availability after a user converts to Office365

First Class conferences will continue to be available until 12/12/12, however once a user is converted to Office365 they will be effectively limited to read-only access. The following will no longer be available once you have converted.

  • The ability to send an email to the conference by using the name of the conference. You will need to log into First Class, open the conference and then send email to the conference. You will not be able reply to emails to the conference in this way. Additionally, individuals will not be able to reply to your posts. You should direct individuals to respond to your full email address, for example
  • The ability to be the controller of the conference.

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