A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group of OLLI members whose focus is a certain area of interest. The following SIGs are already in place, and new Sigs are encouraged to form at any time. You do not need to register for SIGs, and there is no fee; however, you must be an OLLI member to participate. For more information about each group, contact the person listed. Information about starting a new SIG is available in the OLLI Office and on the OLLI website. Questions? Contact Heidi Wright at heidi.wright@furman.edu or 864.294.2997.

STEAM Tech Teams
The primary goal of this SIG is to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) programs in schools through 3D Design and Printing, fabricating simple prosthetic hands for children; exploring basic electronics; making and flying quadcopter drones; and exploring biomolecules and neuroscience. To learn more, see our website at www.STEAMTechTeams.com. All are welcome. You do not have to be technically oriented to participate in this extraordinary project. Contact Reid Becker at Reid.Becker@gmail.com.

Big Questions
This group is for anyone with an interst in talking, listening and thinking carefully about fundamental issues. We opened with the quetsion: Is God real or a delusion? We may contiune with questions like: What is the meaning of life (and how do we recognize it)? Which is more funamental, the individual or the community? Is season co-extensive with science? The group as a whole deides what to discuss. Genuine interst in ideas is the only reqiurement of membership. We meet weekly. Contact: Kevin McMurtrey at kevinmcmurtrey@gmail.com.

The Bridge SIG is for players with some experience. They meet weekly in Manly Lobby at the Herring Center. More groups may form if there is enough interest. Contact Greg Parker at greglois.parker@gmail.com.

The Bowling SIG meets every Monday of the term, 12:45-3:15p.m., at AMF Star Lanes (740 Pleasantburg Dr.) New teams will be formed each term. Cost is approximately $10. All levels welcome! Contact Mike Halloran at mikehallo2u@gmail.com.

This group is for all OLLI members who are interested in playing chess. Beginners and experienced players are welcome. Contact Jan Blasenak at blaz49@aol.com.

Classic Cars
This SIG offers classic car enthusiasts a way to share information, resources and the enjoyment of classic automobiles. Activities include day trips and visits to collectors and restores. Contact Wayne Halli at Whalli@bellsouth.net or Scott McCombe at notanmg@gmail.com

Community Volunteering
The purpose of this SIG is to provide intersted OLLI members with information regarding opportunities for meaningful engagment with the greater Greenville community. We will provide you with detailed information about volunteer opportunities, assist you in exploring options based on your skils, interest and experience, and connect you with an OLLI member who volunteers with the agency of your choice. Contact Tom Nowlin at thomasonowlin@gmail.com.


​The Cribbage SIG is for OLLI members interested in playing twice a month. Contact Barbara Gill at blgill@barkingdog.us.

Join the Cycling SIG and ride biking trails (including the Swamp Rabbit). Contact Janet Aguilar at janetag1944@gmail.com.

The Food SIG is interested in exploring and sharing a variety of aspects of things we eat and drink from its soruce to cooking and dining. Activities will include field trips, dining activities,  sharing of information and recipes. Contact Barbara Wojack at nowo29@yahoo.com.

Êtes-vous Francophone? Vous êtes invité à un SIG où on parlera français. On peut pratiquer la belle langue, et on peut faire la connaissance d'autres qui parle français. The French Conversation SIG welcomes all French proficiency levels. Contact Betty Kuhnert at brkuhnertllc@bellsouth.net.

Gluten Free

​The Gluten Free SIG is for anyone interested in sharing gluten free recipes and information on gluten free products available locally and online, as well as information on local restaurants and businesses that offer gluten free options to their customers. Contact Diane Bagwell at ewb51@hotmail.com. 

Hand Quilting
This SIG is for those interested in hadn quilting projects or any hand work you are involved in. It will be an informal gathering of past students of Simonne Lindermann or anyone interested. Contact Donna Rasheed at erasheed@aol.com or Judith Woodward at jwood7@mindspring.com.

IMPROVing with Age

Would you like to have more fun in your life while making new friends and improving you mental agility, communication skills, spontaneity and ability to focus? The purpose of the IMPROVing with Age SIG is to use improvisational games to develop all of the above and have fun in a nonjudgemental, mutually supportive encironment. No performance experience of any king is necessary and there are no spectators! Contact Diana Miel at Diana.miel6@gmail.com.

Jam on Pickers
This SIG is for guitar players who wish to swap licks and share songs, and is open to any OLLI member with basic guitar skills. Meeting times and location will be determined by the SIG members each term. Contact Don Kosa at don.koza@charter.net.

Lost in the Shuffle

​The Lost in the Shuffle SIG is for OLLI members that like to play cards. This group meets weekly and predominantly plays Spades, although games vary based on member interest. Contact Justin Smith at justin.smith@edwardsjones.com. 

Mah Jongg
The Mah Jongg SIG is for experienced players whowould like to get together weekly to play Mah Jongg. They also welcome those who have recently taken a Mah Jongg class or who are trying to brush up on some "rusty" skills. They meet at 1:30 on Wednesdays in Manly Lobby at the Herring Center. Contact Cathy Dwyer at cathd65@aol.com or Nancy Story at nc29615@aol.com.

OLLI Consort
The OLLI Consort SIG offers recorder players the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of ensemble playing, advance their skills, and perform for others. They meet at the Herring Center and the schedule is set each term by the participants. Contact Sharon Howell at JasminRC@icloud.com or Judy Brooks at jandb1223@gmail.com.

Out and About Singles

This is a group of single OLLI members who enjoy movies, plays, festivals and eating out together.Come and join us, Make new friends and help plan a calendar of fun. There is a lot to do in Greenville! Contact Susan Cooper at scooper7284@charter.net or Carolyn Rice at ccr2go@gmail.com.

The Pickleball SIG is for those who already had an introduction to and know the basics of how to play this hybrid of badminton, tennis and ping pong. If you already know how to play, you know why it's a hit with seniors all over the country. Indoor and/or outfoor court time is scheduled twice weekly on Furman's campus. Contact Kathleen Abbate at mstish1325@gmail.com​.

The Photography SIG is for photographers interested in day trips to photograph nature, landscapes, historical sites and other interesting venues. Most shooting trips will start at the Herring Center parking lot. The group sets its calender as events arise. Contact Jeff Sarvis at JGSarvis@gmail.com.

Space Exploration

​This SIG is a collaborative effort to stay informed about and discuss space exploration. Each meeting will include information and discussion of the technology and findings of present and future human and robotic missions. Contact Bill Bradshaw at wcbrads@aristotle.net.

All levels of Spanish skill are welcome to join the Spanish Conversation SIG. The group meets at 10:45a.m. on Thurdays to practive conversing. In order to keep the conversation flowing, members are encourged to bring news to share with teh group such as details of a class they are taking, a picture about which they would like to expound or a current topic in the news they would like to dicuss. Contact Merikay Pirrone at merikay58@gmail.com.

Spin Your Own Yarn
All spinning enthusiasts are invited to join the OLLI Spin Your Own Yarn SIG. Spend a few hours of spinning, enjoy conversation with other spinners and polish up on your yarn making skills. Bring your own spindles or spinning wheels and fiber supply and a bag lunch if desired. Contact Barry Gilmer at barrygilmer@bellsouth.net or Ellen Weinberg at eweinberg@bellsouth.net.

Swamp Rabbit Knitters
Bring your knitting or other handwork and join this SIG for knitting and conversation. The group decides meeting times and locations each term. Contact Gail Kirby at cozybags@yahoo.com.

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