OLLI@ Furman is member-led and organized by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the membership under bylaws adopted by the members. We encourage everyone to be part of the community by volunteering in any capacity within the program. From office and committee work to planning a trip or class to moving chairs or editing the newsletter every hand helps enrich the program. Volunteering can give you a sense of ownership while you have fun meeting new friends. Last year we had more than 10,000 hours of volunteer service logged by our members. It is your organization that will be richer from your involvement so......GET INVOLVED! 



Administration and Finance Committee

The Finance Committee decides on the length of each term (ten weeks, eight weeks, etc.), membership fees, and other administrative decisions. They meet only when there is a decision about changing the current fees, term lengths, etc.; they generally meet once per term.  


Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee seeks competent instructors to teach a well-balanced variety of classes for the next term. The committee is divided up into subcommittees based on interest areas of our members from History to Finance to Art and Hobbies. Each subcommittee is charged with finding a particular number of courses for each term to keep our schedule diverse. This committee usually meets three or four times in a term to plan the courses for the following term.

Social Committee

Meets two to three times each term and works towards making sure we have plenty of time to socialize with one another whether it is at a Greenville Braves Games, local restaurant, pot luck supper or game night. This committee's goal is to take your fun ideas and turn them into action.

Faculty Support Committee

This committee mentors new instructors, gives instructors helpful tips and guidance to make their teaching more effective to the older adult student, and hosts pre-term instructor lunches and training sessions.

Gray Matters Editor

Gray Matters is produced four times an academic year. The editor oversees collecting articles and information from the membership and committees, assembles it and turns the newsletter in to the office for printing and distribution. 

Long-Range Planning Committee

The Long-Range Planning Committee consists of former OLLI @ Furman presidents and other interested members. They have established an endowed fund, the interest from which provides a modest income for scholarships and other financial needs. They also consider the needs and goals of OLLI @ Furman for three, five, and ten years into the future. This committee meets about once per term.  

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to recruit new members, increase retention of existing members, and involve interested members in projects, committees, and activities. They communicate with class liaisons, personally call new members before the term begins and again at the end of their first term, set up an orientation program for new members, and survey existing members to identify needs and interests of members. 

Class Liaisons

Class Liaisons are members who volunteer to act as a bridge between the instructor, students, and the office staff in a class in which they are currently enrolled. The primary duties of the class liaisons are to introduce and assist the instructors, meet and greet new members, oversee the coffee sign up and relay important messages from the office to the membership. Simply indicate your interest in being a class liaison during registration and you will be notified before classes start which class you have been assigned. For a more thorough description of the duties of a class liaison, please click here.


Ever thought you might want to be a teacher but the real world got in the way? Well, this is your chance to share your passions with others in a friendly environment. Our instructors are all volunteers with a love of learning and sharing their ideas and life lessons. Whether your hobby is genealogy or dancing, your passions are with train sets or baseball, you may have a talent or skill that others could learn from.


New instructors to OLLI @ Furman University are asked to submit a Course Proposal Form. After submitting the CPF you will be contacted by a Curriculum Committee member to confirm the course and your questions will be answered by our Faculty Support Committee. In other words, you won't be alone as you embark on this new adventure! Instructors are given a handbook that answers common questions and are invited to a preterm lunch with all the other term instructors to meet one another, meet the OLLI staff, get a chance to visit their classroom, and receive some effective teaching tips. 


Staff member Barbara Mallon is available Monday through Friday from 8:30-4:30 to help you through media and copy needs and a class liaison will act as a bridge between you, your students, and the office during the 10 week fall term or the 8 week winter and spring terms. Click here to view the Calendar. 

Office Assistant

Whether you can volunteer one hour a week, one day a week, or one day a month, we are glad to have your help. Volunteering in the office can be a fun, rewarding experience. It is a great time filler between classes or just something to do while you are on campus. You'll get to know a lot about the program and how it works. You'll meet lots of people! The office has many opportunities for you: answering the phones, creating reports, mailings, copying, editing, special projects, running errands on the golf cart, greeting people, answering questions, filing and much more. To learn more or to volunteer contact our Volunteer Coordinator Nancy Kennedy.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

What is a SIG? A SIG is a group whose focus will be one area of interest and social interaction. It is not a teaching course; however, learning from each other will occur. A SIG is self-driven and self-motivating. A SIG is an ongoing group; meeting as scheduled by the group. Any current OLLI @ Furman member may be a member of an OLLI SIG. SIGs provide interaction for members with common special interests. SIGs provide a means of fostering friendships (fellowship) with peers.  How is a SIG formed and approved? An individual contacts the SIG subcommittee of the Membership Committee and is given a proposal form and guidelines for SIGs. The form is returned to the SIG subcommittee and reviewed, evaluated and approved. (The form is located on the FORMS page under Current OLLI Members.)


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