Information Technology Services – Fred Miller, Chief Information Officer

Last Revised: 08/19/14

Title: Virtual Server and External Technology Services Request Policy

Applicable: Furman University [Staff and Faculty]

Contacts: IT Service Center ext. 3277

Background: As Furman University faculty continue to research and develop innovative web technologies, and administrative offices continue to investigate ways to improve services, Information Technology Services (ITS) has seen a growing number of request to use either Furman virtual servers or external technology services. In order to make better use of University resources and promote sustainable technology solutions, it has become necessary to create a policy describing the steps for evaluating and approving such requests.

Policy: In order to promote sustainability and reduce costs, Information Technology Services will encourage requests for server resources to use either existing University systems, a University virtual server, or a ITS designated external technology service provider. Requests to use University virtual servers may be approved by either the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or the Director of Systems and Networks. Requests to use external technology services must be approved by the CIO.


  • ITS provides a number of server resources for the campus community. These include the web content management system, the learning management system, a personal web service for employees, the campus blog service, and a wiki service. Requests for web services and projects that cannot function on existing campus systems may apply for a University provided virtual server, or apply to use an external technology service.
  • ITS will evaluate requests to use virtual servers or external technology services based on a number of factors including:
    • Alternatives considered
    • Costs
    • Affect on campus Internet bandwidth
    • Privacy and security
    • Terms of service (and exit strategy)
    • Other business risks
  • The Chief Information Officer may choose to select specific external service providers as the University’s preferred vendor for designated external technology services.
  • Faculty that require a virtual server for a Furman related project must submit a project proposal to Furman’s Chief Information Officer. This proposal should include detailed information on the project as well as provisions for support and funding.
  • Projects or services that require the use of a database and a web service require two virtual servers (i.e., one for the database, and the other for the web service.)
  • Every University virtual server must have an appointed faculty or staff member as the primary contact. Should the primary contact leave the University, the new primary contact must contact the Help Desk to request an update of the contact information within 30 days. All projects with an expired primary contact will be removed from the system after 30 days.
  • Content placed on University virtual servers, and University funded external technology services, must comply with University Policies 094.1 Harassment, 71.11 Organizational Security and Data Classification, and other applicable University policies.
  • If the server or service is having a detrimental affect on University operations, the CIO may direct actions to resolve the problem. These actions may include removing the server or service from the campus network until such time as the problem can be resolved.

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