Information Technology Services – Dr. Susan Dunnavant, Acting Chief Information Officer

Last Revised: 11/09/2016

Title: ITS Purchasing Policy and Procedures

Applicable: Furman University (Staff and Faculty)

Contacts: Director, IT Service Center ext. 3277

Background: Several University policies apply to the purchase or lease of information technology hardware, software, or services. These include: 77.3 Purchase or Lease of Information Technology, 370.1 University Purchasing Policy, and 73.1 Grant Applications Requiring Use and/or Purchase of Technology-Related Equipment. These policies recognize that, although the University provides departments with funds for the operation of their departments, those funds may only be used for information technology hardware, software, or services with the approval of the Chief Information Officer.

Policy: Furman University ITS purchasing procedures will comply with University purchasing policies and procedures. The CIO will approve appropriate information technology purchases or leases. The ITS department will follow these purchasing processes to ensure effective and efficient technology purchases or leases.


  • The Chief Information Officer is responsible for approving all University purchases, or leases, of information technology hardware, software, and services. 
  • The Chief Information Officer, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, or the President must sign contracts for University purchases of information technology hardware, software, or services. Only the Vice President for Finance and Administration, or the President, may sign lease agreements.
  • Upon request, the CIO may designate individuals to act as his agent to sign approved technology contracts.
  • The IT Service Center Director is responsible for managing the ITS procurement service.
    • The University's Director of Procurement maintains the list of approved single source vendors. This list must be reviewed and approved by the CIO at least annually.
  • ITS is responsible for replacing university computers, and does so on a replacement cycle designated by the CIO with the advice of the Academic Computer Committee. Current computer replacement cycles are:
    • Computers used in computer labs – 3 years.
    • Computers used by individual faculty or staff – 4 years, upon request.
  • All computers or mobile devices must be received by Furman ITS and marked with a Furman ITS asset tag before distribution. Any single technology purchase valued at more than $5000, with a useful life of at least 3 years, will be recorded as a capital purchase, and marked with a Furman ITS asset ID tag.
  • All mobile devices purchased by Furman (i.e., iOS or Android devices.) Must be enrolled in Furman’s mobile device management system before distribution.
  • All special requests must be approved by the Chief Information Officer.

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