• A grade point average of 2.0 is required in all sociology courses
  • The number of courses increases from eight to nine
  • All majors are required to take SOC 303 and SOC 470
  • SOC 52, our stand alone statistics course, is eliminated
  • Students can take no more than two 100 level courses toward the major (These include SOC 101, 102, ANT 101, ANT 105 and First Year Seminars)
  • Students can take no more than one anthropology (ANT prefix) course
  • Students must take at least two 200 level courses
  • Students must take all three 300 level courses
  • Students must take two 400 level courses, one of which must be of the 470 designation (Qualitative Seminar)


  • Soc 101 (old SOC 11) will continue to be a pre-requisite for all other Sociology courses with the exception of the First Year Seminars and Soc 102 (old SOC 24)
  • Qualitative Sociology Seminar (SOC 470) will require SOC 101 and at least one 200 level course as pre-requisites as well as Methods of Social Research (SOC 302) as a pre or co-requisite
  • SOC 302 will be a pre-requisite for SOC 303
  • SOC 101 and at least one 200 level course will be prerequisites for SOC 475

Sociology courses

New course # Course title Old course #
SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology SOC-11
SOC-102 Social Problems SOC-24
SOC-211 Introduction to Criminology SOC-22
SOC-212 Law and Society SOC-39
SOC-213 Deviance & Social Control SOC-48
SOC-221 Population, Economy & Society SOC-35
SOC-222 Population and Environment SOC-46
SOC-223 Urban Community SOC-43
SOC-231 Media, Culture, and Society SOC-30
SOC-232 Sociology of Contemporary Families SOC-31
SOC-233 Sociology of Religion SOC-49
SOC-234 Medical Sociology SOC-44
SOC-241 Social Class in America** SOC-40
SOC-242 Sociology of Gender SOC-42
SOC-243 Race and Ethnic Relations SOC-47
SOC-251 Social Movements/Collective Behavior SOC-45
SOC-301 Sociological Theory SOC-50
SOC-302 Methods of Social Research SOC-51
SOC-303 Analysis of Social Data SOC-52
SOC-470 Qualitative Sociology Seminar ---
SOC-475 Sociology Seminar ---
SOC-501 Independent Study SOC-80
SOC-503 Individualized Internship in Sociology SOC-83
SOC-XXX* Special Topics in Sociology SOC 95

*The Registrar has not made the final determination with regard to the numbering of the Special Topics courses.

**The course title for Social Stratification has been changed to Social Class in America to better represent the actual content of the class.

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