Amy Jonason studies how people collectively define and solve social problems. She is particularly interested in collective action around urban poverty, gentrification, affordable housing, and environmental sustainability. Her current research tracks the development and change of two alternative food projects - an urban food cooperative and an urban farm - as a response to residents' perceptions of food insecurity in inner-city neighborhoods.

Dr. Jonason's scholarship has been published in Symbolic Interaction, Poetics, City & Society, and Advances in Medical Sociology.

Name Title Description


Introductory Poverty Studies

Definition, scope, and measurement of poverty; experiences and effects of living in poverty; individual and structural causes; rights, claims, and obligations regarding poverty; successes and failures in the alleviation of poverty; current proposals.


Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to the sociological perspective on human behavior, including an analysis of theory, research methods, culture, society, personality, the socialization process, social institutions and social change.


Social Problems

Analysis of current social problems and social policies: the definitions and causes of problems as well as the efficacy and feasibility of proposed solutions.


Urban Community

Exploration of the dynamics of urbanization and urbanism, with an emphasis on American cities. The roles of urban places, institutions, and lifestyles are explored in depth.


Social Class in America

Analysis of social stratification, status and social class in the United States. Relationship of social class to social intimacy, style of life, values, mobility and the socialization process. Structure and function of power systems.

  • Jonason, Amy. 2017. "The promises and pitfalls of alternative food institutions: Impacts on and barriers to engagement with low-income communities in the United States and Canada." Pp. 149-175 in Advances in Medical Sociology: Food Systems and Health, edited by Sara Shostak. Emerald Publishing Ltd.
  • Mulder, Mark, and Amy Jonason. 2017. "White evangelical congregations in cities and suburbs: Social engagement, geography, diffusion, and disembeddedness." City & Society 29(1):104-126.
  • McDonnell, Terence E., Amy Jonason, and Kari Christofferson. 2016. "Seeing red and wearing pink: Trajectories of cultural power in the AIDS and breast cancer ribbons." Poetics 60:1-15.
  • Hausmann, Chris, Amy Jonason, and Erika Summers-Effler. 2011. “Interaction ritual and structural symbolic interaction.” Symbolic Interaction 34(3):319-329.
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