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Dr. Provenzano has really enjoyed two careers. After receiving his docotoral degree in clinical psychology, he worked in public mental health until he received his license to practice. He then opened a private practice office with a specialty in adolescents, young adults and preadolescents. He also received extensive training and experience in all forms of psychological testing and assessment. After almost 20 years as a clinician, Dr. Provenzano was offered the opportunity to teach at a medical school in New Zealand while supervising doctoral candidates in clinical psychology. Teaching became his passion. Upon returning to the U.S., he took a position with Penn State in their Commonwealth College and was appointed Department Chair of Family and Human Services.

Dr. Provenzano moved to South Carolina to be near his grandchildren and taught at USC Upstate. He was offered a position to direct Greenville Technical College's Honors Program, and remains there today. Through fortuitous circumstance in 2004, he was offered a visiting professor position teaching developmental psychology at Furman. He has continued to teach in that area.

Dr. Provenzano has held a number of professional offices. He was president of the Southern Region Honors Council, and currently serves as Chair of the National Collegiate Honors Council's Professional Development Committee. He was also a member of the Pennsylvania Governors Board of Sexual Predator Assessors.

Name Title Description


Human Sexuality

This survey course in human sexuality will have an interdisciplinary focus, emphasizing biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives. Historical, cross-cultural, religious, philosophical, ethical, and legal issues will also be considered.


General Psychology

Comprehensive introduction to psychology as a behavioral science through a survey of historical, empirical, and theoretical perspectives of psychological research. Topics include: biological bases of behavior, development, learning, personality, cognition, perception, motivation, behavior disorders, and social psychology. Students must either participate in research projects or write summaries of published research articles.


Why Marriages Succeed or Fail

Marital/partnership issues touch all of our lives--whether we are currently seeking a mate or not, and impact us throughout the entire lifespan, not just the reproductive years. Talking about marriage has implications for the physical, psychological, and economic well being of the individual and society. An emphasis will be placed on the ideas of John Gottman who has written extensively on the subject, especially on communication, sex; family rules and boundaries, and the horizontal and vertical stressors impacting the marriage/partnership as the family life cycle unfolds. It is important to note that the course will examine all forms of long term committed relationships including same sex relationships.


Childhood and Adolescence

The psychological principles and processes of human development from conception through adolescence. Theory and empirical research related to physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development are reviewed. A student may not enroll in both EDU-120 and PSY-211.


Organizational Psychology

An introduction to the study of industrial and organizational psychology, major techniques and initiatives employed by those in the field, and the challenges facing organizations and leaders today and in the future. Topics include job analysis, job evaluation, legal issues in employee selection, recruiting, interviewing, references and testing, employee performance, job satisfaction, work motivation, leadership development, group behavior, teamwork, and work-life balance.



Study of the major theories of personality that have provided the historical groundwork and perspective for current personality research. Topics include psychoanalytic, trait, cognitive, behavioral, and humanistic theories. Students will learn about different personality theories and how they are tested empirically, become familiar with different methodologies for studying personality, and better understand what personality is and the role it plays in our lives.


Abnormal Psychology

An introduction to the study of psychopathology. Topics include the definition of mental illness, classification of psychopathology, and a survey of the types of disorders, their etiologies, epidemiology and symptoms.


Psychometrics and Assessment

An introduction to the psychometric principles of test construction and test use and to the theories and methods of psychological assessment.


Clinical Psychology

Advanced study of how clinical psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat psychopathology. Topics include historical basis of clinical psychology, evidence-based assessments and treatments, ethics and multicultural competency, and professional training and practice. Designed for upper-level students considering a career in mental health or some health-related field.


Summer Undergraduate Research

My primary research focus is on identity development in adolescents especially in the development of character, honor, and integrity. I am also interested in the interface of Psychology and Philosophy.

In 2010, a paper titled, "College students, Honor, Academic Integrity, and Post Modern Thought" was presented at APA's Division 24, Division of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology; a similar paper, "Myers Briggs Profiles as predictors of Honor and Academic Integrity in College Students," was presented at the 2008 annual meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology.

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Tufts University
College of the Holy Cross

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