Laura Ragmanauskaite Furman University

Class of 2014
Hometown: Charleston, SC

My favorite experience in the psychology department so far has been the ping-pong tournament last semester. There was a bracket of the students versus the professors, and the students won.

Life as a Psychology Major

  • Why did you decide to come to Furman?

      For the psychology program. When I first came here it was for a mock trial competition- that's what got me to know Furman and see the campus. I also heard amazing things about their program so it made sense.

  • Favorite class:

      Clinical with Dr. Blumquist

  • Favorite professor:

      I honestly have no idea because they're all so different. I love them all.

  • Career goals:

      I'm hoping to get into graduate school for a Clinical Ph.D. and research PTSD or eating and weight disorders. As a career I would probably do research and therapy but neither explicitly.

  • Research experience:

      I volunteered for Dr. Pontari last summer in her lab and we presented our research methods project in SSSP. This summer I'm working with prospective memory and aging.

  • Internship experience:

      Last summer I worked with USC and they had a grant called CARS project, Center for Adolescent Research and Schools. They had this program to help students pass high school and have a better outcome as a whole in their schooling. I collected data, had mini therapy sessions with the kids, and did a lot of paperwork.

  • Study away experience:

      Freshman year I went on the Engaged Living trip to El Salvador with Dr. Gondolfo and Dr. Ching. Sophomore year I went to the Europe East of the Rhine study abroad program. We went to Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland. I also recently went on the Slow Food Italy MayX.

Best of List

  • Best study location:

      On campus I like working in the lab because there's no one here. There's a lot of space to spread out, white boards to write on and no one to fight over study rooms with.

  • Favorite activity:


  • Best thing about Greenville:

      Downtown. The farmer's market on the weekend, the awesome restaurants that they have, the random concerts, and Falls Park. You're never bored there and there's always new restaurants opening up.

  • Biggest challenge:

      Taking a break and finding time to do things that I like outside of school. You can easily get caught up in being perfect and getting perfect grades and it's not all about that.

  • Favorite place to eat:

      I really like the Roost. It's all locally, naturally grown food.

  • Favorite Furman tradition:

      Throwing people in the lake on their birthday. I got laked in my beautiful dress on my birthday even though I wore sweatpants the whole day in preparation for it. But I'm also really looking forward to senior Last Day of Class celebration.

  • Best campus dining spot:

      The Pala Den.

Helpful Tips

  • Choosing a major:

      Go with something that you really love doing because you're going to invest a lot of time in it, so take your time choosing and take a lot of general education requirements. You don't have to decide until your sophomore year and there's no need to do it before then.

  • Studying:

      Don't procrastinate like I do because you will be stressed out a lot. And remember you're not going to be the best at everything.

  • Getting involved on campus:

      Don't over commit yourself. Pick a couple activities and stick with them.

  • Making friends:

      Be nice and say hi to people. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation. Just be open and don't stick to your comfort zone, especially your freshman year but even your senior year.

  • What isn't in the brochure:

      So many people get engaged but it's okay to not get engaged by the end of your senior year.

  • Living on campus:

      Don't stay on your hall or your North Village apartment. Go out, away from Furman. It's nice out there.

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