Complete the following five steps to fulfill your participation for General Psychology (PSY-111):

  • Register for FREUD

      Register for FREUD. Please complete all information on the registration page.  Once you register you will receive a confirmation email.

  • See the available studies

      Login to FREUD to see studies that fulfill your participation credits for Psychology 111 (examples below).  You should check the database regularly, because new studies can be posted at any time.  Before choosing a study, pay close attention to any restrictions listed in the study description.  The database will prevent you for signing up for a study more than once.

      available experiments.png
  • Sign up for a study

      Login to FREUD to sign up for a study. You will receive a comfirmation email with the time and location of the session (see below).

      Freud confirmation.jpg

      To cancel your session, you must contact the researcher at the address on your confirmation email at least 24 hours before your scheduled session. Failure to show up for a session will result in you being penalized the same number of credits you would have earned! If you cancel with less than 24 hours notification or have an emergency, it will be up to the discretion of the researcher whether to reschedule the session or deduct credits. If your timeslot needs to be changed or cancelled by the experimenter, you will receive an email.

      Occasionally the researcher may be unavoidably late or fail to appear.  Please wait 10 minutes beyond the appointed time and then inform Donna Greene of the problem.  If this occurs, you will be given credit for the study.

  • Make changes

      Login to FREUD any time to:

      • Confirm the time and location of studies in which you will participate
      • Change your password or contact information
      • Check which studies you have completed
      • Check how many credits of research participation you have completed (see example below):
      • 111 credits.png

      Although all the studies for which you have signed up appear under My Experiments, you will not received credit until after you participate in the study.

      Your credit total is listed under Account Messages. This number includes credit for those studies which you have completed (as discussed above), as well as any surveys, papers or other non-study credits listed below the total.  Also included are any penalties received for missing your scheduled timeslot for a study (also listed below the total).  Credits are updated once a week each Friday.

  • What to expect when you participate in a research study

      You will be met at the designated location by the researcher, who will give you appropriate instructions and conduct the research.  Most of the studies will be conducted by advanced psychology majors under the supervision of a faculty member.

      The researcher should have you sign a Consent Form before you participate in the investigation.  If consent is not formally requested (i.e., with a Consent Form signed by the researcher), you should refuse to participate.  Please notify Donna Greene of such an oversight by the researcher.  You will still receive 1 credit for that study.

      You may refuse to continue your participation at any time during a study.  You will not be penalized for terminating the study, but you will receive credit only for what you have completed (e.g. if you have completed 25 minutes of a 1 hour study you will receive 0.5 credits instead of the full 1 credit).

      After the study, you will be given detailed information regarding the purpose of the investigation (debriefing).  Take this opportunity to ask any questions or raise any issues concerning the research. 

      This opportunity to become involved in psychological research should be both instructional and enjoyable to you.  It is important that you take your task as a participant seriously because the data obtained in these studies may be included in statistical analyses that ultimately result in published reports.

Please do not contact your professor about FREUD. If you have a question, contact Donna Greene.

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