Our program consists of 11 courses—three core courses and eight in the following areas: applied psychology, biopsychology, development, learning and cognition, social and health, and capstone. Our students are required to take at least one course in each of these categories. The remainder of your curriculum may focus on a particular area to build a core competency.

Download our major requirements checklist as an Excel spreadsheet to track your progress.

Core Courses

All core courses are required.

  • General Psychology (PSY-111)
  • Research Methods and Statistics I (PSY-201)
  • Research Methods and Statistics II (PSY-202)

Additional Requirements

Our majors are required to take eight courses—with at least one per categoryfrom the following areas of study:


  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY-218)
  • Psychometrics (PSY-314)*
  • Clinical (PSY-318)*
  • Organizational (PSY-215)*


  • Biopsychology (PSY-320)
  • Psychopharmacology (PSY-321)*
  • Functional Neuroanatomy (PSY 327)*


  • Childhood and Adolescence (PSY-211)
  • Adulthood and Aging (PSY-213)

Learning and Cognition

  • Memory and Cognition (PSY-322)*
  • Learning (PSY-324)*


  • Social Psychology (PSY-212)
  • Health Psychology (PSY-214)
  • Personality (PSY-216)*


  • Autism (PSY-404)*
  • Aging (PSY-413)*
  • Brain Imaging (PSY-416)*
  • Eating and Weight (PSY-418)*
  • Placebo Effect (PSY-415)*
  • The Sleeping Brain (PSY-414)*
  • Thesis (PSY-510)*

* —Denotes courses that are not offered every semester.

bachelor of science Requirements

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree must also complete:

    One of the following math courses:
    • Integrated Precalculus/Calculus II (MTH-120 and 145)
    • Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (MTH-150)
    Two courses from the following:
    • Foundations of Biology (BIO-111)
    • Genetics (BIO-221)
    • Foundations of Chemistry (CHM-110)
    • Organic Chemistry (CHM-120)
    • CHM-210
    • Earth Systems (EES-110)
    • Environmental Science (EES-112)
    • General Physics I (PHY-111)
    • General Physics II (PHY-112)
    • Biopsychology (PSY-320)

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