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We're preparing the next generation of health professionals to impact their communities and find their calling through a unique academic partnership with the Greenville Health System.

By working with one of the largest health systems in the Southeast, our students are exposed to dozens of programs and internships in clinical and non-clinical settings, covering everything from education and research to community outreach. These experiences put Furman students at the forefront of modern medicine. Our students have the opportunity to explore today's important problems, and gain experience for their own health-related careers.

Find the program that best fits your strengths and interests:

Educational and Research Programs

  • Medical Experience Academy (MedEx)

      MedEx Academy is a four-tiered program with an innovative approach to building the healthcare workforce. MedEx offers students interested in a health-related career a patient-centered experience with opportunities to develop research proposals, volunteer, and explore a variety of health career options. Students also participate in career assessments and medical school admissions counseling to guide their career choices. As the first undergraduate school to participate in MedEx, Furman encourage students to apply for tiers two, three, and four of the program. Learn how to become a part of the Medical Experience Academy.

  • Medical Ethics and Sociology (Medicine Program)

      The Medicine Program opens students' eyes to the ethical and sociological challenges of working in the medical field. Participating students will observe professionals from various departments in the Greenville Health System, including psychiatric facilities and nursing homes. This competitive program is offered to 25 students every other fall semester. Participating students will receive course credit for PHL 302: Medical Ethics, SOC 234: Medical Sociology, and IDS 301: Fieldwork in Medicine.

      Department: Philosophy and Sociology
      Program Coordinator: Carmela Epright and Kristy Maher
  • Modern Language Service Learning

      Students enrolled in Spanish 280: Spanish Service Learning observe a language service employee at Greenville Health System to understand how employees best serve Spanish speakers undergoing medical treatment. This observation opportunity is available to any student who receives instructor permission during any semester in which the corresponding course is offered.

      Department: Modern Languages and Literatures
      Program Coordinator: Stephanie Knouse

  • Clinical Observation Program

      Furman students can can observe physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse, therapists and other healthcare providers which will provide them with a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge that will allow them to make a more informed decision regarding their career choice..

      Program Coordinator:  Bradley Hobbs


  • Exploration of Vocational Ministry Internship

      Coordinated by the Chaplaincy at Furman, this internship allows students participating in the vocational ministry program to observe a Greenville Health System chaplain.

      Department: Chaplain's Office
      Program Coordinator: Vaughn Crowe-Tipton and Susan Bennett
  • Hospital Administration

      Students interested in healthcare administration can intern with an administrator from one of the local healthcare facilities and observe the daily administrative operations that keep a facility running. 

      Program Coordinator:
  • Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Clinical Experiences

      Students of any major can apply to intern with either Roger C. Peace Center, a comprehensive rehabilitation facility, or Kidnetics, a children's therapy department.

  • Clinical Psychology Internships

      Clinical Psychology experiences are available within several departments and locations at Greenville Health System including Roger C. Peace, Marshall Pickens and others.  These facilities specialize in diverse aspects of rehabilitation, including psychiatric disorders, cognitive impairments, and children and veteran rehabilitation. 

  • Speech Therapy Clinical Experience 

      Students of any major can apply to observe in the speech therapy area of Kidnetics, a children's therapy department within Greenville Health System. Other experiences are available in other departments.

      Program Coordinator: Jana Heroman

Looking for experience in another health related field? Please complete a Healthcare and Clinical Experiences Interest Form and you will be contacted about setting up a meeting.


All students participating in an observation program, research initiative, or departmental internship must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Class: At least Spring semester of second year
  • GPA minimum: 3.0


If you would like to participate in one of our Greenville Health System programs, schedule an appointment with our Pre-Health Experience Coordinator by the below deadlines:

  • Fall: May 15
  • Spring: October 15

Participation Requirements

If you are participating in an observation program or internship with Greenville Health System, you must complete a series of steps for approval. Complete the clearance process.

Course Credit

Greenville Health System observations may meet requirements for internship course credit in your department major. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your observation will satisfy internship course requirements:

  • Gain approval from your department's internship advisor, in addition to the pre-health experience coordinator and Greenville Health System.
  • Set up your internship a semester in advance.
  • Only 60 hours of observations per semester are guaranteed; schedule your hours accordingly.

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