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After graduate school I taught philosophy for two years, then began working in what is now called Information Services at Furman. I later worked as a computer programmer and data processing manager for an employee benefits company in Greenville for almost 10 years. I left this company to form a small software company called ImageTrak that designed and sold software for scanning, storing, and organizing Material Safety Data Sheets. I have been teaching in the philosophy department at Furman University for the past 15 years.

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History of Ideas in Context I

Texts and ideas from a variety of disciplines and genres (including the humanities, fine arts, and political philosophy) in both Western and non-Western cultural contexts. Topics will vary.


Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to some of the classic problems of philosophy, with emphasis on understanding the nature of philosophical reflection and reasoning. Includes epistemology, ethics, metaphysics and other major branches of philosophy.



Formal analysis of arguments with emphasis on symbolic logic.


Ancient Philosophy

Consideration of the beginnings of the Western philosophical tradition focusing primarily on Plato and Aristotle.


Modern Philosophy

The growth and development of philosophical thought from Descartes through Kant.


Realizing Bodymind

Survey of Wholeness Concepts" which promote lifetime fitness and healthy lifestyle habits. Topics include: the philosophical and corporeal cultural traditions of South Asia


Ki-Aikido: Five Disciplines

The five types of training that characterize the practice of Ki-Aikido. These include Aikido arts, Ki-Breathing, Ki-Meditation, Kiatsu, and Sokushin no Gyo. The course involves practice in these disciplines and critical examination of the way in which these disciplines are grounded in a philosophical worldview that emphasizes the interconnected nature of reality.


Environmental Ethics

Examination and evaluation of various approaches to moral problem solving with reference to environmental and ecological issues. Topics include: Animal Liberation, the Land Ethic, Biocentrism or Reverence for Life, Ecofeminism, Deep Ecology, and Environmental Justice.

I think that everyone acts on the basis of philosophical views that have a significant and rich history, whether they are aware of it or not. In my courses, I try to bring out some of the historical sources, methods, and ideas that I think shape the way we think and act now. Once we can become aware of our philosophical ideas and their sources, we can reflect critically on them and either discard them as unhelpful prejudices or keep them as truths.

  • "Denying the Antecedent: Its Effective Use in Argumentation," Informal Logic, Vol. 32:3, pp. 327-356.

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