Molly Bell Furman University

Name: Molly Bell
Graduation year: 2006
Major: Philosophy, Political science, and a concentration in Women's Studies
Other degrees: Masters in public policy and philosophy from the Lond School of Economics
Profession: Associate
Company: Hilltop Public Solutions
City: Billings, MT

Furman gave me a lot of tools to succeed. It exposed me to a lot of new ideas and I just had a lot of amazing opportunities when I was there. I had a wonderful college experience and I made a lot of friends.

Life of a Furman Alumni

  • My job:

      As an associate at a political consulting firm I work on campaigns and elections. Candidates or groups will hire us to help achieve their electoral goals during election years and in off years we work on issue advocacy campaigns. For example if an environmental group wants to see a policy enacted, we'll work on a strategy to get that through congress or a state legislature.

      My day to day is pretty diverse and there are a lot of different components to my job. I do some public relations, media communications, outreach to the press. I also think of ways to package information, help design mail pieces and ads. I'm involved in coming up with strategies to make sure we're talking to the right voters and targeting the right people with our phone calls.

  • How Furman helped me get there:

      I did two internships while I was at Furman, one with the senate finance committee and the other with the Canadian Parliament. They were really cool experiences. Since the Parliament offices are small I got to do a lot of different things. I even to got write speeches that were delivered on the floor. Both of those were unpaid and I wouldn't have gotten those opportunities if I hadn't been able to use the Furman Advantage Scholarship money.

      I also participated in Mock Trial which was really cool and helped hone my debate and communication skills.

  • How the liberal arts help you succeed:

      It also helped educate me on some areas I wasn't initially interested in. When I first started college I wanted to be a biology major, but when I took a philosophy class I quickly learned that was where my interest was. If we didn't have those general education requirements I wouldn't have naturally gravitated toward philosophy.

      Philosophy and liberal arts in general help hone your writing skills and ability to digest information. When I have to read complex policy that background helps me pick out the most relevant parts and dissect arguments and distill that information into something people can relate to, which is important in my job.

      I think philosophy in particular is just so important for people to understand these ideas that shape our political debates, where they come from, and the original arguments behind them. It's given me a good context for things I deal with and the ability to process information. Not to mention a love of learning that has been very beneficial in my personal life.


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