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The full institute is inactive in summer 2014.  Instead, we've planned a wonderful 3-day family experience. 

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In accordance with Suzuki Philosophy, parents (boarding and commuting) attend all classes and events with their student. (Exception: students age 12 and up enrolled in the BRAVO program.)  Group and class placement will be based upon the working and polished pieces of your student at the time of application. Polished pieces should be approved by your child's teacher. Evenings will include a variety of optional family activities. Below is a chart listing the students' daily classes based on that teacher-selected Polished Piece.  To aid you in preparing your student for the institute, a list of suggested repertoire to practice/refresh will be posted here.


How to Apply

Before registering** your student(s), please review the class details and options below.  You will need to have this page available for review as you complete your student registration form(s). 

**Application available in February.  

Class Schedule

  1. Find your child's instrument and book level in the left column.  Confer with your student's Suzuki  teacher if questions about your student's placement within this chart.  They know your student's abilities.
  2. The classes your child will attend Monday - Friday are listed in the middle column.
  3. The third column, green, offers additional optional enrichment classes that can be added to your student's daily schedule for a small fee. Limit of one. A second can be added at the institute if space permits.
  4. Class assignment is based on the student's polished piece at the time of application.
Student Level
Typical Daily Schedule
by Student Level
Optional Enrichment
$40 per class
See info below this chart.
TWINKLE Only Students
(Ages 3-5)
See information below chart.
1. Master Class
2. Group Class
3. Music & Rhyme Time
4. Daily Recital (observation)
Violin Book 1
Viola Book 1
Cello Book 1
1. Master Class
2. Technique Class
3. Group Class
4. Orff Ensemble
5. Daily Recital
Music Explorers
(Ages 9 - 12)
Polished solos in...
Violin Book 2-4
Viola Book 2
Cello Book 2-4
1. Master Class
2. Technique Class
3. Group Class
4. Chamber Orchestra (2 lvls)
5. Daily Recital
Music Explorers
(Ages 9-12)
Fiddling for Violin/Viola/Cello
(Book 2 and above - music reading required)
1. Minimum Polished Level of:
Violin Book 5+
Viola Book 3+
Cello Book 5+
2. Advanced Reader level
See student application for details
1. Master Class
2. Technique Class
3. Group Class
4. Chamber Orchestra
5. Daily Recital
Music Explorers
(Ages 9-12)
Viola for the Violinist
Fiddling for Violin/Viola/Cello

1. Minimum Polished Level of:
Concerto in A minor – Bach
2. Student is age 12 or older
3. Suzuki or Traditional Student
1. Master Class
2. Technique Class
3. Repertoire Class
4. Fiddle/Alternatives Styles
5. Scheduled Practice
6. Daily Recital
Children ages 3 - 12 attending with their family but not enrolled in the Suzuki string program.
See information below chart.
No charge:
1. Daily Recital (observation)
2. Family Chorus
Music and Rhyme Time
(Ages 3-6)
Orff Ensemble
(Ages 5-9)
Music Explorers
(Ages 9-12)
**Read More about our unique Advanced Violin Program.  Separate preliminary application required.


Students must be able to read music to participate.  Placement is based on a student’s current Suzuki book level and your home teacher’s music reading level recommendation. Please confer with them if any questions prior to submitting your student application.

More about the Optional Enrichment Classes

Family Chorus
This is an institute FAVORITE! Come One, Come All! All ages encouraged and welcome (this includes moms, dads, and grandma, but maybe not the dog or cat)! Family Chorus is held daily for 30-minutes between morning classes and lunch. A love for making music and having fun is the only requirement. Led by a special duo–our musicianship and Orff teachers. Both have established careers as choral performers, instructors and music educators.
Music and Rhyme Time
Move to the music, feel the beat! Twinkle Only students will participate in their own music exploration class that includes music games that explore the concepts of pitch, rhythm, form and ensemble playing. Available as an enrichment for siblings ages 3 - 6 who are not participating in the Suzuki program.
Orff Ensemble The Orff Ensemble is included in the daily schedule of all Beginners (you do not need to pay extra). Intermediate students may select to participate in this ensemble as an enrichment option. Taught by a certified Orff teacher, the class will involve students in a variety of rhythmic activities and playing of Orff instruments: drums, xylophones and more. Available as an enrichment for siblings ages 5 - 9 who are not participating in the Suzuki program.
Music Explorers Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced students, but Beginning Level students ages 8 and above will enjoy the journey of musical games, stories, and activities about music theory, rhythm, history, art and improvisation. Ability to read music not required. Available as an enrichment for siblings ages 9 - 12 who are not participating in the Suzuki program.
Viola for the Violinist
A perfect class for violin students in Book 4 and above to explore the similarities and differences involved in playing the viola. Viola for the Violinist is an excellent opportunity to become more versatile for future chamber music and orchestra opportunities. The class fee includes the rental of a viola for the week or you can bring your own instrument!
Fiddle Class
Violin, Viola and Cello students will explore all styles of fiddling. Ability to read music is required to participate.

Twinkle and Siblings

More about the Twinkle Only Classes (ages 3 to 5)…
The Twinkle Only classes are designed for violin / cello students between the ages of three and five who are currently learning the Twinkle variations. In addition to a level specific masterclass and the Daily recital, each Twinkle-only student will participate in a Twinkle-only group class and our Music & Rhyme Time class (see class description above).
More about Sibling Classes (Ages 3-12)…
Siblings (not enrolled as a Suzuki student) can participate in their own Suzuki institute experience by signing up to participate in an enrichment class. For siblings ages 3 - 6, Music and Rhyme Time is available. For older siblings we offer the Orff Percussion Ensemble (ages 5 - 9) and Music Explorers class (ages 9 - 12), neither of which are instrument specific (see class description above). Simply fill out a separate application for each sibling and select an enrichment option at the bottom of page 1.  $40 each.  Remember: parents attend all classes with their students, so these added courses will need to meld with your Suzuki student's schedule. 

Student Performances

STUDENT RECITALS will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday. All students are encouraged to come to the institute with a polished piece to play in their Monday masterclass. Masterclass teachers will recommend students, according to Institute criteria, to perform on the 1:00 pm recitals. Students recommended to perform will be assigned a practice time with an accompanist.
THURSDAY NIGHT LAKESIDE CONCERT: The Suzuki Fiddlers will perform in a foot stomping prelude recital prior to the Furman lakeside concert. Our students will take the stage at 7 p.m. The 7:30 p.m. main event will feature again this year the Andy Carlson Band. Sponsored by Furman University and several local businesses, these weekly free concerts bring out 3,000+ community patrons for an hour of music in an idyllic lakeside setting.
FRIDAY CLOSING CONCERTS: Invite family and friends to our closing concerts at 1:00 p.m., 4:45 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Admission is Free! Bring your camera!
The 1:00 p.m. concert will feature the Orff Ensemble, Family Chorus, Music and Rhyme Time and Music Explorers classes in a unique and creative program.

The 4:45 p.m. concert will feature the three Institute ensembles and the Viola for Violinists class.

The 7:30 p.m. concert concludes our Institute week and features all of our campers; Violins, Violas, Cellos and BRAVO! participants.

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