LOGO_honorband_texttower.pngInformation for SELECTED PARTICIPANTS

  • For each student who will be attending the Honor Band Festival this year, a non-refundable registration fee of $75 for BOTH the concert/marching events or a non-refundable registration fee of $45 for just one of the events must be paid by making an online payment or by setting up an alternative payment by calling Marcella Frese at 864-294-2118 (Furman Music Office) or email furmanmusic@furman.edu.
  • Dinner is included Thursday evening (pizza), lunch on Friday afternoon (Subway or Chick-Fil-A), and lunch Saturday afternoon (Subway or Chick-Fil-A). All other meal arrangements are the responsibility of directors/students/parents. Please email sue.samuels@furman.edu if you have any special dietary needs (vegetarian, etc.)
  • Registration forms should be completed online/on or before November 15.

Password: myhonorband2019

*Fee and On-Line Registration due by 5pm November 15*  

  • If you have any students who elect NOT to accept their position in the Furman Honor Bands, please contact us immediately at sue.samuels@furman.edu so that we may contact our selected alternates and give them the necessary time to prepare for the Festival. 

Performance Attire

  • PERFORMANCE ATTIRE for the concert band is your school’s concert attire. No tennis shoes, sandals, or blue jeans permitted. Performance attire for the marching band is YOUR SCHOOL’S MARCHING BAND UNIFORM.
  • All students will receive a Furman Honor Band Medal as well as a Furman Honor Band T-shirt.


It is imperative that you secure lodging arrangements for the selected applicants as soon as possible. Below, you will find a list of hotels within the immediate vicinity of the Furman campus that will offer both competitive rates and comfortable accommodations. Neither the Furman Department of Music nor the University itself accepts any responsibility for the actions or behavior of students while not involved with Furman Honor Band activities; it is the responsibility of both the student’s band director and/or parents to secure chaperones for this event.

Hotel Information

For a special rate, mention FURMAN BAND
Best Western – Travelers Rest 110 Hawkins Rd 864-834-7040 Hampton Inn – Travelers Rest 593 Roe Center Court 864-834-5550

Event Check-in

Check-in for the 2019 Furman Honor Band Festival will take place in the lobby of McALISTER AUDITORIUM. Your warm-up location will be inside the auditorium, so you may take your instrument inside to a seat once you check-in. During rehearsals, it is important that the storage of instrument cases is handled in an organized fashion – please store small instrument cases (flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, alto sax) underneath your chair, and large instrument cases in the rear of the rehearsal area on (or under) tables provided. Other items that will help the weekend progress smoothly are as follows:

  • Check to be sure your instrument is in good working condition BEFORE you arrive for the event!
  • Clarinet and Saxophone players should bring extra reeds.
  • ALL percussionists must bring their own sticks, brushes, and mallets (keyboard and timpani players included).
  • Snare drummers must bring their own snare drum (w/case and stand), and when possible bring the following: triangle (w/beaters), tambourine, and woodblock.
  • ALL PERFORMERS must bring a pencil to all rehearsals
  • Remember your concert band attire for the concert Friday night.
  • If you are participating Saturday you must bring your own marching instrument and your school marching band uniform.


The audition is for concert participants only—there is no audition for the marching portion.

  1.  12 major scales (judges will select just a few to hear)
  2.  YOUR STATE’S all-state etude for 2019-20 (technical)
  3.  Sight-reading

**Percussionists may audition on either snare, timpani, or keyboards, but more credit will be given to students who audition on 2 or more percussion instruments. The overall percussion score will be a TOTAL of all three areas together. Students who demonstrate skills in all areas will receive more credit than students who only prepare one (or two) areas.


  • Auditions will be Thursday, November 21 from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm.
  • The first rehearsal will be held from 6-7:30 pm, and students will stay for the Furman Band Concert.

Participant Etiquette & Guidelines

During the entire weekend, all students must refrain from the use of cell phones, candy, gum, food, or drinks (bottled water, however IS acceptable) while in any rehearsal. It should also be noted that no flash photography or video camera lighting will be allowed during the concert performance on Friday – professional videos, CDs and DVD recordings are available for each participant.

Please see the schedule below for exact times of events that are taking place throughout the 2019 Honor Band Festival. Once again, we are looking forward to having your terrific students participate with our outstanding clinicians over the weekend. We hope to provide a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding musical experience to all participants. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any further questions or comments that we can address. We look forward to meeting you and your students!


Thursday, November 21
1:00 pm-4:30 pm - Check-In, Warm-Up, Audition.
  Check-in McAlister Auditorium foyer 
  Warm-up in Auditorium
   (Please place cases in the seats, NOT in the aisle)
  AUDITIONS take place next door in the Daniel Music Building.
4:30 pm - Dinner (provided - auditorium foyer)
5:30 pm - Meeting/audition results posted (McAlister Auditorium)
6:00 pm - Rehearsal
8:00 pm - Furman Symphonic Band Concert! (McAlister Auditorium)
9:15 pm - Dismissed

Friday, November 22
8:30 am - Check in (Go straight to your rehearsal room)
9:00 am - Rehearsal
12:30 pm - Lunch (provided)
1:30 pm - Rehearsal
4:30 pm - Dinner on your own and change into concert attire
6:30 pm - Report to warm up location
7:30 pm - Honor Bands in Concert!  (McAlister Auditorium)
9:30 pm - Dismissed

Saturday, November 23
8:30 am - Check in (Daniel Music Building)
9:00 am - Music Rehearsal
10:00 am - Marching Rehearsal with Paladin Regiment
11:00 am - Lunch (provided)
1:00 pm - Kick off! Furman U vs Point U
3:00 pm (approx) - Students dismissed after halftime but are welcome to stay

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