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Furman's Bachelor of Music in Composition provides an opportunity to engage in the creation, analysis, and teaching of music. You'll complete a series of courses designed to develop your overall musicianship and your understanding of the intricacies and beauty that comprise the language of music.

We have a group of dynamic composition faculty and energetic young composers in our major. Our students can get involved as soon as they arrive on campus by enrolling in a composition seminar that allows them to rub shoulders with upperclassmen as they study works by contemporary composers, write composition exercises, compose works, and produce concerts. We also have a number of guest composers each year who share their wisdom, skills and experience.

Furman students intending to major in music must perform an audition and complete a music theory placement examination. Final approval for a music degree takes place during your sophomore year.

All students majoring in music (B.M. or B.A.) are required to take the following theory courses:
MUS 111 (4 hrs.) Musicianship I (Fall Semester, Freshman year)
MUS 112 (4 hrs.) Musicianship II (Spring Semester, Freshman year)
MUS 211 (4 hrs.) Musicianship III (Fall Semester, Sophomore year)
MUS 212 (4 hrs.) Musicianship IV (Spring Semester, Sophomore year)

Courses marked with an asterisk are given only in alternate years:

  1. MUS 310* (4 hrs.) Form and Analysis (Spring Semester, Junior or Senior year)
  2. MUS 311* (2 hrs.) Composition (Fall Semester, Junior or Senior year)
  3. MUS 312 (2 hrs.) Orchestration (Spring Semester, Junior year)
  4. MUS 313* OR 410* (4 hrs.) Modal OR Tonal Counterpoint (Spring Semester, Junior or Senior year)
  5. (v) MUS 314* (2 hrs.) Adv. Topics in Music Technology (Spring Semester, Junior or Senior year)
  6. (vi) MUS 411 (4 hrs.) Contemporary Styles and Techniques (Fall Semester, Junior or Senior year)
  7. (vii) MUS 412 (2 hrs.) Senior Project (Spring Semester, Senior year)
  8. (viii) MUS 501** (0 - 6 hrs.) Independent Study (Junior and/or Senior year)
  9. at least 12 credits of performance studies, including at least one course each in strings, brass, percussion and woodwind instruments
  10. at least 6 credits in composition or independent study, which must include acoustic and electro-acoustic music
  11. four credits of music electives

*Not offered every year. Check with your advisor or the Music Department Office.
**Not a degree requirement. Enrollment is limited. Students wishing to enroll for Independent Study must, during the term PRIOR enrollment, submit a proposal to the Theory/Composition Division Coordinator and Department Chair for approval. The proposal shall describe the nature of the project, its objectives and outcomes, and name the professor who has agreed to supervise the student. Proposals must be submitted in
writing by April 15 for work in the fall semester and by November 15 for the spring semester.

Course sequence

To view a detailed four year course sequence, open the PDF document Music Handbook and scroll to page 47.
Updated September 2015.

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