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  • Professor of Spanish; Administrative Director, Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection
  • 864.294.3177
  • Furman Hall 235C
  • david.bost@furman.edu

​David is the Carey Shepard Crantford Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures. He joined the faculty at Furman in 1981. In addition to teaching Spanish language classes, he teaches various courses on Spanish American literature, primarily focusing on narrative. His current research interests include non-fiction narrative and cultural expressions of social justice and memory, such as memorials and museums. He has travelled widely throughout the Spanish-speaking world and has directed study-away experiences in 5 countries. He currently chairs the English Department.​​​

Name Title Description


Intermediate Spanish I

Continuation of the development of proficiency in listening and speaking, while expanding the reading and writing skills.


Intro to Spanish Readings

Builds upon the basic skills developed through the first intermediate course. By reading numerous short works of fiction and nonfiction and through discussions and short written assignments in Spanish, students enhance their critical listening, speaking, reading, writing skills while expanding vocabulary and cultural skills necessary for further study.


Composition and Conversation

Emphasis on idiomatic expression through guided oral and written practice. Review of basic phonology, grammar and syntax included.


Intro to Literary Analysis

Introduction to the analysis of literary texts written in Spanish. Emphasis on techniques for analyzing the for major genres (narrative, drama, poetry, essay), as well as in-depth study of relevant representative texts. Includes a general introduction to the study of literature through the lens of literary periods or movements.


Survey of Spanish Amer Lit

Introduction to the major authors and representative works of Spanish America, with concentration on the age of Modernism to the present.

David not only wants to educate students in Spanish; he also wants to challenge and engage students as fully as possible with the subject matter and to help them evolve into lifelong learners. Teaching is ultimately relational in that it does not happen in a vacuum. It is the result of honest and open exchange between teachers and students. Teaching is not really about information exchange. Rather, teaching is dialogical in nature. He tries to listen to and respect students as human beings above all else and tries to find ways to communicate clearly and meaningfully, all the while seeking balance between fairness and academic rigor. He relishes the enthusiasm that students bring to class as they become more and more advanced. He attempts to have students speak as much as possible in class so that the language might become second nature. In a literature class, for example, he nearly always starts the class with a short group report on the reading for the day. The students will often break into small groups to discuss a particular topic or theme. After some of the groups quickly share their work with the class, he concludes with some comments and observations of his own.

Dozens of publications on Latin American literature, culture and history in journals, literary histories and translations. His most notable work has appeared in The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature and The DeSoto Chronicles. His most recent publication, “From Memorial Site to Text: Villa Grimaldi, El palacio de la risa, Villa and the Dynamics of Space," appeared in The Latin Americanist (2015).

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