A native of Argentina, Adrián Massei attended Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, where he completed his undergraduate degree with a focus on communications, semiotics, and discourse analysis. He came to the United States as a Rotary Foundation scholar and he completed his Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Iowa. He has published a book and several scholarly articles on Latin American narrative and drama of the Southern Cone.

Massei taught all levels of Spanish as well as Latin American literature and civilization at Middlebury College and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire before joining Furman University in 2000. As an active part of Furman’s commitment to engaged learning, he has been a frequent director of our study away programs in Spain, Chile, and Mexico as well as Director of the Language House program and Faculty Coordinator of the Spanish House for many years.

In addition to his interest in Latin American literature and civilization, Massei has a strong interest in language proficiency testing and training. Since 2002 he has participated in numerous initiatives developed by ACTFL, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, a national organization of language educators from elementary through graduate education with a leading role in the creation of national standards and the growth of both the profession and the individual educator. He is an ACTFL- dual certified trainer for the Oral Proficiency Interview (ACTFL and ILR protocols). He is also an oral proficiency tester and a Writing Proficiency Test certified evaluator. He has conducted many language proficiency workshops in the United States as well as language proficiency trainings for Peace Corps in several Latin American countries.

Name Title Description


Intermediate Spanish I

Continuation of the development of proficiency in listening and speaking, while expanding the reading and writing skills.


Composition and Conversation

Emphasis on idiomatic expression through guided oral and written practice. Review of basic phonology, grammar and syntax included.


Spanish Language House

Media such as newspapers, magazines, film, and television help focus regular discussions on current topics of concern to Hispanic society. Student journals are presented in both oral and written form. Spanish is used for all discussions and written work.


Spanish Language House

Media such as newspapers, magazines, film, and television help focus regular discussions on current topics of concern to Hispanic society. Student journals are presented in both oral and written form. Spanish is used for all discussions and written work.


Readings in Spanish Amer Lit

In-depth focus on a period, movement, author, or genre. Possible topics might include Contemporary Spanish American Poetry, Gabriel Garcma Marquez, Dissidence in Spanish American Literature, etc. May be repeated for credit based on change of topic.

As a language educator, I strive to create a student-centered classroom that views the learner as one who acts and constructs instead of simply receiving information and responding to stimuli. I like my students to see themselves as independent learners who play an active role in the study of the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. I see my role as a coach and mentor who monitors the learning process providing examples and resources to help my students grow in the acquisition of the language and gain a better appreciation of different cultures, always encouraging critical thinking and a desire to communicate in the target language.

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University of Iowa
University of Iowa
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina

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