Areas of Study Furman University

Whether you are following your cultural curiosity or intensely pursuing a language major, you can design a curriculum that empowers you to interact and communicate in our global world.

  • Spanish

      Spanish is the most recognized language in the Western Hemisphere, and it is the native tongue of some 406 million people. Spanish courses at Furman invariably lead to a greater appreciation of Hispanic cultures. You will acquire excellence in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary. Study away experiences and an on-campus language house multiply the opportunities to explore Hispanic civilizations, history, and customs, immersing you in everything from arts to current issues. Several options in service learning bring students into dynamic interaction with local Hispanic populations. 


      • 110 Elementary Spanish I
      • 115 Intensive Elementary Spanish
      • 120 Elementary Spanish II
      • 201 Intermediate Spanish I
      • 210 Intermediate Spanish II
      • 215 Composition and Conversation
      • 220 Spanish Civilization
      • 240 Latin American Civilization
      • 265 Spanish Language House
      • 266 Spanish Language House
      • 301 Travel Study in Spanish Language
      • 305 Advanced Spanish Oral and Written Expression
      • 306 Translation Theory and Practice
      • 310 Travel Study in Spanish Literature
      • 320 Travel Study in Spanish Civilization
      • 331 Survey of Spanish Literature I
      • 332 Survey of Spanish Literature II
      • 335 Cuéntame: Spain, TV, and National Memory
      • 340 Travel Study in Spanish-American Literature
      • 350 Travel Study in Contemporary Spanish-American Culture
      • 351 Hispanic Cuisine and Culture
      • 361 Survey of Spanish-American Literature
      • 405 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
      • 411 Golden Age Spanish Drama
      • 412 Cervantes
      • 417 19th-century Spanish Realism and the Generation of 1898
      • 420 Spanish Literature of the 20th Century
      • 430 Readings in Spanish Literature
      • 440 Spanish-American Narrative
      • 445 Latin American Women's Literature
      • 448 Spanish-American Short Story
      • 460 Readings in Spanish-American Literature
      • 465 Film Studies
      • 470 Senior Seminar in Spanish
      • 503 Individualized Internship
      • 504 Directed Independent Study
      • 505 Structured Internship
  • French

      French is an official language in 29 countries found on all five continents, and 200 million people speak it worldwide. As part of the French language program at Furman, you will start with grammatical structure and sound system and build upon essential speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. You will confront the literary masterpieces of canonical figures such as Molière, Hugo, and Camus, as well as contemporary Francophone authors, and you will cultivate an appreciation for the French-speaking world by taking advantage of unique opportunities such as the French language house. Our study away program based in Versailles, France includes home stay with a French family and frequent visits to cultural sites in Paris and all around France. 


      • 110 Elementary French I
      • 115 Intensive Elementary French
      • 120 Elementary French II
      • 201 Intermediate French I
      • 210 Intermediate French II
      • 214 French Conversion
      • 215 Composition and Conversation
      • 220 French Civilization
      • 221 Contemporary French Culture
      • 265 French Language House
      • 266 French Language House
      • 301 Travel Study in French Language
      • 305 Advanced French Oral and Written Expression
      • 310 Travel Study in 20th-century French Drama
      • 320 Travel Study in French Civilization
      • 321 Contemporary Senegal
      • 322 Francophone Culture in Senegal
      • 325 French Architecture in Context
      • 331 French Literature and Civilization I: Middle Ages and Renaissance
      • 332 French Literature and Civilization II: Classicism and Enlightenment
      • 333 French and Francophone Literature and Civilization III: 19th and 20th Centuries
      • 405 Introduction to French Linguistics
      • 410 French Literature in the Age of Louis XIV
      • 411 French Literature of the Enlightenment
      • 415 French Romanticism
      • 417 French Realism and Naturalism
      • 420 20th-century French Novel
      • 421 20th-century French Drama and Poetry
      • 430 Studies in French and Francophone Literature
      • 435 Literatures in French: Writing Across Worlds
      • 445 French Black Novelists
      • 450 History of France
      • 465 French Cinema
      • 470 Senior Seminar in French
      • 503 Individualized Internship
      • 504 Directed Independent Study
      • 505 Structured Internship
  • Italian

      Italian at Furman is a popular option for students preparing for study abroad or independent travel in Italy. Our beginning Italian course offers a foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and basic conversational skills, while sharing the richness of Italian culture. 


      • 101 Beginning Italian
  • German

      Beginning courses in German acquaint you with grammar and sound structure. As you progress, you will strengthen skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing, and building vocabulary. Culture is an integral part of this process. You can gain a deeper understanding of German culture as you rediscover fairy tales, probe the propaganda of Nazi cinema, explore poetry, or grasp the issues of contemporary Germany. You may find yourself organizing a mini Oktoberfest with fellow participants in a language house, or you may travel to Berlin with the fall semester homestay program for a rich academic and cultural experience at Freie Universität Berlin.  


      • 110 Elementary German I
      • 115 Intensive Elementary German
      • 120 Elementary German II
      • 201 Intermediate German I
      • 210 Intermediate German II
      • 215 Composition and Conversation
      • 220 German Civilization
      • 222 Contemporary Germany
      • 230 Specialized Readings in German
      • 265 German Language House
      • 266 German Language House
      • 301 Travel Study in German Language
      • 305 Advanced German Oral and Written Expression
      • 310 Travel Study in German Literature
      • 320 Travel Study in German Culture
      • 331 German Literature until 1750
      • 332 German Literature from 1750 to the Present
      • 335 German Poetry
      • 336 German Fairy Tale
      • 337 German Theater
      • 405 Introduction to German Linguistics
      • 414 Age of Goethe
      • 415 German Romanticism
      • 430 Readings in German Literature
      • 466 Nazi Cinema and Culture
      • 470 Senior Seminar in German
      • 504 Directed Independent Study
  • Chinese

      Chinese has a rich and diverse history and, with more than 880 million speakers, is the most widely spoken language in the world. Our Chinese program is staffed exclusively with native speakers who share their culture while progressively building students' skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Chinese. We offer four full years of language classes taught primarily or entirely in Chinese, while content courses in English help students discover contemporary Chinese cinema and literary authors drawn from the classical canon as well as the modern detective novel. Outside the traditional classroom, you may find yourself making Chinese dumplings under the guidance of a native speaking assistant at the language house, learning to play mahjong, or joining a faculty-led study away semester at our partner institution in Suzhou, China. 


      • 110 Elementary Chinese I
      • 120 Elementary Chinese II
      • 201 Intermediate Chinese I
      • 202 Intermediate Chinese II
      • 220 Survey of Chinese Culture
      • 225 Chinese Film
      • 230 Survey of Chinese Literature
      • 235 Classic Chinese Fiction
      • 245 20th-century Chinese Literature
      • 246 20th Century Chinese Popular Fiction
      • 265 Chinese Language House
      • 266 Chinese Language House
      • 301 Intermediate Chinese III
      • 302 Intermediate Chinese IV
      • 320 Travel Study in Chinese Culture
      • 401 Advanced Chinese I
      • 402 Advanced Chinese II
      • 504 Directed Independent Study
  • Japanese

      The world is home to 125 million Japanese-speaking people, and at Furman, your studies will allow you to delve into the culture and core of this language. Through up to four full years of language instruction, students will acquire a strong foundation for speaking and writing, as well as listening effectively and thinking critically. Interdisciplinary options are many and may include learning about anime at a language house, experiencing one of the world's safest, most artistic countries through the guidance of a Japanese host family, or living in an international dormitory at Tokyo's Waseda University.   


      • JPN-110 Elementary Japanese I
      • JPN-120 Elementary Japanese II
      • JPN-201 Intermediate Japanese I
      • JPN-202 Intermediate Japanese II
      • JPN-225 Japanese Cinema
      • JPN-235 Classical Japanese Literature
      • JPN-245 Modern Japanese Literature
      • JPN-301 Intermediate Japanese III
      • JPN-302 Intermediate Japanese IV
      • JPN-065 Japanese Language House I
      • JPN-265 Japanese Language House II
      • JPN-80 Directed Independent Study (4)
  • Hindi

      This expressive, poetic language is a direct descendent of Sanskrit and has more than 180 million native speakers in India alone. You will get a solid introduction to the mechanics of language, paving the way for strong communication and literary skills. This course is infused with an appreciation of the vibrant culture behind the language.


      • HND-101 Beginning Hindi
  • Linguistics

      Students usually have their first introduction to the scientific study of language at Furman and are often surprised to discover that learning about the structure and functions of language becomes a vital part of their Furman education. Our General Linguistics course is a popular option for the Human Behaviors general education requirement. Linguistics courses count toward the Anthropology major, and our linguists provide some of the best opportunities in MLL for students who want to collaborate in research alongside faculty members.


      • 210 General Linguistics
      • 220 Linguistic Analysis
      • 230 Language as Social Phenomenon
      • 240 The Origin of Language
      • 250 Second Language Learning and Acquisition
      • 405 Introduction to Romance Linguistics
      • 504 Directed Independent Study
  • MLL and methods

      Including everything from community-based learning to African literature, this set of courses taught in English allows you to delve into culture, theory, and teaching techniques.


      • 050 Community Based Learning
      • 120 Reading Literature in Translation
      • 235 French Cinema
      • 236 Nazi Cinema and Culture
      • 245 African Literature
      • 350 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: Methods
      • 450 Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: Methods
      • 501 Independent Study

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