Kristina Pardo Furman University

Class of 2014
Hometown: Miami, Fla.

I was also attracted to Furman because it's a small school. I liked the idea of having small classes where you could interact more with faculty.

Life as a Mathematics Major

  • Why did you decide to come to Furman?

      It was the best financial decision that I could make because I received scholarships to attend Furman. However, I was also attracted to it because it's a small school. I liked the idea of having small classes where you could interact more with faculty.

  • Why did you decide to be a mathematics major?

      I was originally a physics and music major as a freshman. But when I decided to take the one math class I needed for my degree, and I liked it so much that I decided to major in it. Dr. Harris was a big reason for that.

  • Best experience in the department:

      I really like the fall and spring picnics every year. We play corn hole and the professors cook food for us. Their homemade ice cream is the best part.

  • Favorite class:

      Linear Algebra. It's applicable to pretty much everything.

  • Favorite professors:

      Dr. Hutson and Dr. Harris. They are both willing to take the time to help students out and they're both really good at explaining things.

  • Career goals:

      I hope to earn my Ph.D. in theoretical physics and become a professor.

  • Internship experience:

      As a sophomore, I did research in the math department with Dr. Harris and Dr. Hutson. We did sports analytics research and tried to find a better method to predict bowl games in college football. I also went to MIT before my senior year to participate in a summer research program on theoretical astrophysics, specifically on black holes.

  • Study away experience:

      I participated in the East of the Rhine program in Fall 2011, which was a history and political science program led by Dr. Bressler and Dr. Fehler. I was able to participate in the program even though I'm not a history or political science major. I'm glad I did it because it was a great experience.

Best of List

Helpful Tips

  • Choosing a major:

      Find your interest but make sure it will get you a job after graduation.

  • Studying:

      Don't wait until the last minute to study, even though I always do.

  • Getting involved on campus:

      Don't get too involved. You'll probably get excited about all the things you can do here, but it can become overwhelming if you sign up for too much.

  • Making friends:

      For the first few weeks of the semester, try sitting with random people in the dining hall. I did that as a freshman and ended up sitting with someone who told me about a lot of research opportunities that I eventually pursued at Furman.

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