Since 2011, Furman has been coordinating a program that enables teachers to access handheld, digital microscope for use in their classroom.  The program is FREE (no cost to the teachers or school) and only requires a short training session (preferably for a group of teachers at one school) before the teacher can request one or more scopes to be used in the classroom.
What is a Scope-on-a-Rope?

It is a microscope but one that does not require tweaking knobs and looking through an eye-piece.  The scope has interchangeable lens so you can magnify at 30X, 50X, 100x, 200x or even 400X.  These “Touch & View” lenses allow you to magnify images by touching them with the microscope lens tip - ie. they focus instantly.  
How does the program work?

Through a collaboration with Lousianna State University (LSU) and a borrowed scope,  Furman piloted a loaning program in 2010-2011. Through NSF and NIH funding, we now have 8 scopes available (see descriptions below). Any South Carolina teacher involved with science curriculum in a public, private, or parochial K-12 school within the upstate region of South Carolina, or an administrator wishing to promote science education within his/her school (or district) is eligible to request use of the instrument. 

What types of scopes are available?

All of our scopes have been purchased through School Technology Resources (STR).  For a full description of the software and hardware requirements and capabilities consult the STR site.  A brief description of the three types of scopes is provided below.  This YouTube video also provides a good overview for the first two scopes - the ProScope HR2 and the Scope-on-a-Rope L2.
  1. ProScope HR2   3 scopes available
    Utilizing a USB connector - this scope connects to any desktop or laptop computer and can thus be used to display images on a linked projector or promethean board.  The accompanying software program (provided by STR) enables still and video capture capabilities.  Interchangeable lenses enable magnification of 30, 50, 100, 200 or 400 times.

  2. Scope on a Rope L2   2 scopes available
    This analog version enables direct connection to any TV or projector (only needs to plug into a yellow video connector).  Without the need for a computer, this system provides the best resolution on your TV or projector.  In addition, the lenses (available in 30, 50, 100, 200 and 400x) are interchangeable with the ProScope HR2 (described above).

  3. ProScope Mobile   3 scopes available
    ProScope Mobile is the first Wi-Fi digital camera microscope available. The ProScope Mobile displays live images wirelessly to an iPhone, iPad​, or iPod touch.  It creates its own Wi-Fi network, allowing multiple devices within range to connect to it and display the live image on many screens simultaneously using the free app and Windows software. Images can be captured simultaneously to all devices using the capture button on the camera handset; the images are saved right on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch for viewing or downloading. The ProScope Mobile is battery powered and uses the same lenses (30x up to 400x) and accessories as the ProScope HR2 and the Scope On A Rope L2. 
Interested in trying out one of these scopes or learning more about the program?  Complete the form Scope-on-a-Rope and Dr. Kaup will be in touch (via e-mail) to share more details and/or set-up a time to come visit your school and demo the scope for you.

To print a flyer with details about the loaning program click here Furman Scope Flyer.

John Kaup, PhD
Director of Science Education


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