Lane J. Harris

Assistant Professor of History                   and Asian Studies 

office: Furman Hall 200B
hours: By appointment
phone: (864) 294-2798
fax: (864) 294-2295

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The ‘Arteries and Veins’ of the Imperial Body: The Nature of the Relay and Post Station Systems in the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644.”  Journal of Early Modern History, forthcoming in early 2015.


“Overseas Chinese Remittance Firms, the Limits of State Sovereignty, and Transnational Capitalism in East and Southeast Asia, 1850s-1930s.”  Journal of Asian Studies, forthcoming in early 2015.


 Luo Zhitian, Inheritance Within Rupture: Culture and Scholarship in Early Twentieth Century China (变中的传承——20纪前期的中国文化与学术).  Translated by Lane J. Harris and Mei Chun.  New York: Brill, forthcoming.


 “Baojia,” “New Life Movement,” “Postal and Post Station Systems,” and “Romanization of Language” in Michael Dillon, ed.  Encyclopedia of Chinese History.  New York: Routledge, forthcoming.


From Democracy to Bureaucracy: The Baojia in Nationalist Thought and Practice, 1927-1949.” Frontiers of History in China 8: 4 (Winter 2013): 517-557.


The 1876 Chinese Post Office Riot in Singapore.”  International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter 63 (Spring 2013): 5. (link)


“Defining the Nationalist Party Center: The Text and Context of Gan Naiguang’s Outline of Sun Wenism.” Southeast Review of Asian Studies 34 (2012): 87-113.


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“A ‘Lasting Boon to All’: A Note on the Postal Romanization of Place Names, 1896-1949.”  Twentieth-Century China 34: 1 (November 2008): 96-109.


“Standard Messages: Institutional Identity and Symbolism in Chinese Postal Flags, 1896-1949.”  Raven: A Journal of Vexillology 15 (2008): 81-106.


“Modern Times: The Meaning of Dates and Calendars in Modern China, 1895-1935.”  International Institute for Asian Studies Newsletter 49 (Summer 2008): 20.


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“‘Recycling’ the Baojia in Republican China: A Study of the Baojia under thee Guomindang, 1927-1949.”  East Asian Studies Occasional Papers Series 6 (Spring 2002): 46-79.


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