Born 1959 in New York City. Educated in England - hence, a transatlantic perspective on the colonial and revolutionary period of U.S. history. Qualified as a Chartered Accountant (British version of CPA) before returning to graduate study in history. Taught at Skidmore College 1993-1996 and at Furman University from 1996 to the present.​

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World of the Founding Fathers

Students will focus on improving their writing skills in multiple genres, including historical fiction and argumentative, research-based essays, drawing on the events of the American Revolution for sources and for inspiration. Course materials introduce students to the political, diplomatic, racial, and gender aspects of this crucial historical period.


Early North America to 1877

North American history to 1877 in the context of western traditions and global interactions.


Colonial Latin America

The Spanish and Portuguese Empires in the western hemisphere, from the first explorations and settlements until the achievement of independence in the 1820s. Includes coverage of political and religious institutions and social issues such as race relations and piracy.


The American Revolution

Investigating the ideas, the violence, and the accidents that gave rise to an independent United States of America. Exploring the relationship between the Revolution and broader movements such as nationalism and anti-slavery. Stresses the Revolution's European and global contexts.


Senior Seminar in History

A required course for all majors. Discussion-based meetings will explore a specific historical topic and the related historiography. Students will conceive, design, and execute their own research project connected to the main topic of the seminar. All seminars include an assignment encouraging students to integrate and to reflect upon their varied classroom, travel study, and internship experiences over the course of the major.

  • Earlier research focused on anti-Catholicism and national identity in colonial British America. Current project is the study of the ethics of war during the American Revolution.
  • "Symbiotic Strength: An Eighteenth-Century View of the British-American Relationship," in America in the British Imagination, edited by Catherine Armstrong, Roger Fagge, and Tim Lockley, 86-101 (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007).
  • "Suppressing the Great Awakening: Alexander Garden's Use of Anti-Popery Against George Whitefield," Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association (2003): 1-14.
  • Technical Editor for the Complete Idiot's Guide to the American Revolution by Alan Axelrod (Alpha Books, 2000).
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