Jed Anderson

After growing up in Dallas, Texas, Jedidiah Anderson attended the University of Pittsburgh where he received a B.A. in Japanese and Linguistics. Upon graduation, Anderson joined the US Army, where he served as an Arabic Linguist in Mosul, Rawah, and Baghdad, Iraq. After achieving the rank of Sergeant and being honorably discharged from the Army, he attended the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, where he earned a Master's degree in Middle Eastern Studies, where he focused on gender and sexuality in the Middle East. For his Ph.D., Anderson attended Indiana University - Bloomington. His research focused on LGBTIQ activism in Lebanon, Iraq, and Israel/Palestine and the cultural history of the Arab World and minorities in the region from 1850 to the present day. After spending a year doing fieldwork in those countries, Anderson returned to the United States and did a postdoc at Wofford College. He joined the faculty at Furman University in 2017. ​His book based on his dissertation, tentatively titled "Sexual Intifada Now!" has been accepted for publication with Indiana University Press.

Name Title Description


Beginning Arabic

Introduction to the sound system and grammatical structure necessary to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Arabic.


Beginning Arabic II

Continued development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Arabic.


Veils and Turbans

This seminar explores the philosophical and historical underpinnings of contemporary Western attitudes to certain practices in Eastern cultures. It takes the recent controversies over different kinds of headwear for men and women as a starting point to gain a better understanding of both Western and Eastern forms of modernity as they impinge on various contested notions of selfhood (of both men and women) and community. Insights gained from philosophical, historical and ethnographic and sociological texts will be used to understand the representations of similar themes in certain works of literature.


Modern Middle East

Examination of the major political and social developments in the Middle East in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Attention divided among the Arab, Persian and Turkish peoples and states.


Arab-Israeli Conflict

A survey of the origins, history, and implications of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Offering a complex perspective underscoring the multidimensional character of the conflict in terms of both the issues and the actors involved.


Introduction to Islam

An examination of the origins and development of Islam,the world's second largest religious tradition. Particular attention is given to the formation of Islamic faith andpractice as well as contemporary manifestations of Islam in Asia, Africa, and North America.


Women, Gender, Islam

Investigation into the role of gender in Islamic sacred texts, religious practice and law, and Islamicate history. The relationship between cultural and religious attitudes toward gender in Muslim societies, and links between Orientalist and Islamist (147fundamentalist148) discourses on gender will be explored.

Peer-Reviewed Monographs
Sexual Intifada Now! Postcolonial Arab LGBTIQ Activism (monograph), Indiana University Press (accepted with revisions)

Peer-Reviewed Articles
Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear? Tools and Suggestions for Digital Data Protection, The Qualitative Report, May 2018 (co-authored with Courtney Dorroll and Erik Skare)
The Homeland, Imprisoned and Illegal: The Impact of Marginalization on Views of the Homeland in Kanafani’s and Khalifa’s Work, Deleuze Studies Journal, forthcoming

Chapters in Edited Collections
Exotic and Benighted, or Modern yet Victimized? The Modern Predicament of the Arab Queer, accepted for Crises of Masculinity in the Middle East, an edited collection published by American University of Cairo Press (peer-reviewed)
LGBTIQ NGOs in Lebanon and Postcolonial Critiques, Queer Geography Anthology, published by Kran Film Collective and funded in part by the Danish Arts Council.

Encyclopedia Entries
Sexuality and Social Change in the Muslim World, Oxford Islamic Studies Online, forthcoming
“Queen Boat Trials,” “Pinkwashing,” “Sex Tourism in the Middle East,” “Gay Pornography in the Middle East,” “Internet Queer Sites in the Middle East,” “The Gay International”: Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer History, Charles Scribner’s Sons, forthcoming

Book Reviews
Book Review of Arabiyyat al-Naas (Part One) by Munther Younes, Makda Weatherspoon, and Maha Saliba Foster, Journal of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages

Book Review of Digital Jihad by Erik Skare, Review of Middle East Studies

Book Review of Queer Beirut by Sofian Merabet, Journal of Homosexuality

In Submission
Spy? Activist? Ethnographer?: On mistrust and trust in the field and how that shapes knowledge production, Goethe Frankfurt Workshop, Being Anthropologists in the Time of Disruption: Power, Weakness, and Representation (will be published in a peer-reviewed volume, co-authored with Courtney Dorroll)

Language and Sexuality in Lebanon and Korea: A Case Study, Women’s Studies International Forum (first-round review, co-authored with Mathew Bumbalough)

Ph. D.
Indiana University
American University of Beirut
University of Pittsburgh

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