Originally from Charleston, SC, Dr. Hansen joined Furman's History Department in 2011.​

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First World War

An exploration of World War I -- the war itself as well as its impact on society and culture in Europe, the United States and the rest of the world.


Monuments, Memory, and History

This course examines the relationship between history and memory. It highlights the (at times) contested nature of memory, pointing out how the same past is remembered in different ways by different groups with sometimes devastating consequences. The practical focus develops student writing skills. About 50% of course time will be spent on the technical and practical side of writing.


Modern Europe

The history of Europe from the time of the Enlightenment to the present. Major themes include: the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, nationalism, socialism, liberalism, imperialism, the World Wars, fascism and communism, the Holocaust, post-WWII reconstruction and the Cold War, decolonization, citizenship, immigration, the end of communism, market integration, a common currency, and the evolution of the European Union, and globalization.


Modern France

French history since 1715. Investigates political, ideological, cultural, and social developments in France from the accession of Louis XV to the present day. Topics include: the French Revolution, Napoleon, French imperialism, French involvement in the two World Wars, and France's role in the European Union.


Twentieth Century Germany

German history from the catastrophic violence of two world wars and the Holocaust, through the process of postwar rebuilding in East and West, to the peaceful revolution that ended the Cold War in 1989 and helped to initiate reunification in 1990.


Modern Russia & Eastern Europe

Russian and Eastern European history since 1683. Investigates the political, social, and intellectual history of Russia and Eastern Europe since the battle of Vienna. Topics include: formation of empire, the rise of nationalism, the two World Wars, Communism, genocide and the post-Cold War era.


Interpreting the Past

The historian's craft and how history scholars think about and interpret the past. Exploration of topics, questions and methodologies used to write about history through reading historical works from a variety of times and places.


Senior Seminar in History

A required course for all majors. Discussion-based meetings will explore a specific historical topic and the related historiography. Students will conceive, design, and execute their own research project connected to the main topic of the seminar. All seminars include an assignment encouraging students to integrate and to reflect upon their varied classroom, travel study, and internship experiences over the course of the major.


Soccer and Society

Examination of a number of contemporary social, political and economic issues through the lens of soccer. Major topics of discussion will include nationalism and sectarian violence, the impact of globalization on local societies, the success or failure of assimilation, patterns of global labor migration, and issues related to gender and sport.

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