Harrison Goudiss Furman University

Class of 2015
Hometown: Atlanta, GA

I love sports. I'm a sports fanatic, and I like knowing what's going on with the body, what would maximize results, how to improve strength and fitness. All my interests and goals were met in Health Sciences.

Life as a Health Sciences Major

  • Why did you decide to come to Furman?

      I was the most comfortable here. I attended camps here in the past, and I knew the academics were strong. I also liked the idea of a smaller liberal arts college.

  • Why did you decide to be a health sciences major?

      With the goals that I have for the future, being a Health Sciences major made the most sense. I would like to go to medical school so knowing the body, how the body works and how it all correlates together would be really important when I'm there.

  • Best experience in the department:

      I've really enjoyed getting to know Dr. Bill Pierce, the head of the department. He's a really nice guy and a really important faculty member. He made time to meet with me and really connect with me. He seemed as interested in getting to know me as I've been in getting to know him.

  • Favorite class:

      Wellness. That was the starting point. It's a broad course about the body, nutrition and fitness. But it's what sparked my interest in the health sciences and helped fuel my decision to major in it.

  • Career goals:

      I'd love to be an orthopedic surgeon. My dream job is to be a team doctor for a professional sports team, particularly one in the NFL.

  • Internship experience:

      I served as a research intern for the Hawkins foundation, which is a part of Steadman Hawkins orthopedic clinic. I assisted Dr. Richard Hawkins and Dr. Jason Folk with their particular research projects by shadowing them and seeing patients. I helped determine if patients are good candidates for a certain study

Best of List

  • Best study location:

      The library.

  • Favorite activity:

      I love playing sports, whether that's intramurals or just throwing the football around.

  • Best thing about Greenville:

      Falls Park for sure.

  • Biggest challenge:

      I think the biggest challenge for any college student is time management. In the transition from living with your parents to living by yourself surrounded by kids your age, the hardest thing to do is make priorities and force yourself to do things you don't want to do.

  • Favorite place to eat:


  • Favorite class:

      My favorite was a structured internship course with Dr. Bill Pierce. The course allowed me to talk about my internship experiences and how it correlates with what we want to do. It also taught me about the principles of medicine, how to act in an office and how to be happy, regardless of the circumstances that fall upon us.

  • Favorite Furman tradition:

      Relay for Life. It's a lot of fun getting together with all sorts of organizations on campus for a great cause.

Helpful Tips

  • Choosing a major:

      Because it's a liberal arts college you're going to get a little bit of everything. Take advantage of your general education requirements to find out what you like. A major doesn't have to be the class you perform the best in, but should be what you enjoy the most.

  • Studying:

      It's important to pick a time when you're going to. It doesn't have to be all day or extreme hours, but studying every day is really helpful. You have to make time for everything, especially for the things that are important to you. But studying takes a priority at Furman and can't be neglected.

  • Getting involved on campus:

      Put yourself out there to find the things you enjoy. Go to the Activities Fair and sign up for a lot of things. That's what your freshman year is for, to experience a lot of things. Some of the organizations I'm involved in have made the Furman experience for me. I definitely think it's important to find what you're passionate about. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

  • Making friends:

      Coming in as a freshman, everyone is in the same position. Everyone is a little nervous and unsure about what they're going to experience. It's these similarities that can lead to great friendships. My freshman hall is where I met some of my best friends.

  • Living on campus:

      I personally love it. It plays into the whole community part of Furman. The fact that we have to stay on campus for a certain number of years makes everyone closer together. You run into people a lot more even if you don't hang out with them all the time, just because you live near them.

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