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Bill Pierce, Professor of the Health Sciences department and lead author of Runner's World Run Less Run Faster, joined the Furman faculty in 1983 and chaired the department for three decades. During his tenure as chair, the Health Sciences major grew into one of the most popular on campus. Pierce led the department through curricular changes to its present emphasis on wellness and health sciences.

Pierce is co-founder of the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST). He is listed as one of 10 marathon “supercoaches” by Runner’s World magazine, has made hundreds of presentations on fitness, wellness and running.

Pierce has been actively involved in promoting wellness in Greenville as a co-founder of community-wide health promotion programs Greenville Walks, Get Fit Greenville and Activate Greenville, year-round healthy living awareness programs that preceded the present coalition, Live Well Greenville.

Pierce serves as Furman’s Faculty Athletics Representative and is the Past President of the Southern Conference.

The West Virginia native played on nationally ranked basketball teams that won three Southern Conference championships at Davidson College. He also was a successful half-miler on the track team. Pierce’s post-graduate athletic accomplishments include leading his Master’s basketball team to the National AAU Championship at age 40, capturing many age-group awards in his 250 road races and completing 42 marathons.

His past professional experiences include teaching positions at Bluefield College (VA), Clinch Valley College of the University of Virginia, and Idaho State University. His wife, Marianne, is a Professor of Business Administration at Furman.


Name Title Description


Sport in Modern Society

Study of sport as one of the most pervasive social institutions in our society. An investigation of the social aspects of sport and the relationship between sport activities and the social system in which they are embedded.

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In 2003, I co-founded with colleagues, Dr. Scott Murr and Dr. Ray Moss, the Furman Institute of Research and Scientific Training (FIRST). FIRST promotes running as a healthy physical activity by providing training based on scientific principles and research. The aim of the Institute is to assist runners of all ages and abilities achieve their goals and potential. FIRST has chosen to focus on helping average, not elite, runners reach their competitive potential while avoiding injury and burnout.

The principal finding of our research and underlying concept of the FIRST training approach is that runners need to emphasize quality over quantity. Most runners measure their training by the number of miles run, rather than how those miles were run. Our “Training with Purpose” programs provide structure and specific workouts tailored to the runner’s current fitness level. Another important finding of our research, which is incorporated into the FIRST training program, is the benefit of cross-training workouts to increase fitness while providing quality recovery from running workouts.

Our research led to the publication of Runner’s World Run Less, Run Faster, which has been a best-selling running book since its publication May 15, 2007. The revised edition of the book was published in April, 2012. It has been translated into German with the title of Lauftraining mit System and in Portuguese with the title of Treine Menos, Corra Mais. The Institute has received messages from thousands of runners using the FIRST training programs detailed in the book.

My running research prior to establishing the Institute focused on the effects of aging and pacing on marathon performance. This research led to multiple publications and presentations and a desire to formalize with my Health Sciences colleagues a structure for continuing to investigate the variables influencing running performance. We made it a priority to share our findings with runners through public lectures, popular running publications and running retreats and clinics. Hundreds of runners have traveled to Greenville to have their fitness and running evaluated and to learn how to train efficiently.

We have appeared at major marathon expos – Boston, Chicago, and New York – describing the FIRST training programs and promoting our book. FIRST has been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Men’s Journal, Runner’s World and many other newspapers and magazines across the country.

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