Any person enrolled in any course administered through the Office of Graduate Studies is subject to the policies and procedures outlined in this Graduate Studies Catalog. Additional policies not included here are included in the Furman University policies and procedures published on the university website. All apply. Students who are also university employees are subject to ALL applicable policies and procedures.

Graduate Credit

Courses numbered 600 and above are taken for graduate credit only. Undergraduate courses numbered 300–499 may be taken for graduate credit with the permission of the graduate advisor, the course instructor, and the department chair. When graduate credit is awarded for a course which normally carries undergraduate credit, the professor shall require additional readings, papers, or other appropriate assignments, and shall evaluate the student's work according to standards appropriate for awarding graduate credit. See the Furman University Catalog for descriptions of undergraduate courses. Graduate course descriptions are enclosed.

Transfer Credit

Not more than six hours of graduate credit verified by an official transcript may be transferred from another institution. Graduate credit is not given for correspondence work, professional development courses, or for portfolios of professional experience. Graduate credit is not transferred for a grade below B unless the college or university granting the credit recognizes the grade for graduate credit.


Online Registration Procedures.pdf

Full tuition payment is required at registration. The university reserves the right to restrict enrollment in a course and to withdraw a course, create a new section of a course, or cancel a course for reasons deemed necessary. 

Late Registration

Those who miss the deadlines may still register for classes in which space is available by coming to the Office of Graduate Studies prior to the end of the official add/drop period. There is an additional $100 fee for late registration. Absence caused by late entrance into a course will count in the student's attendance record.

Withdrawal from Course(s)

After conferring with the professor and the academic advisor, students may withdraw without a grade from an evening course before the second class meeting. Graduate candidates taking a course that meets daily may withdraw without a grade during the first five days of classes. After this time a graduate candidate, or student taking a graduate course, may not withdraw from a course without permission from the director of Graduate Studies. Regulations regarding withdrawal also apply to students enrolled in courses taught off campus.

Withdrawal from Program

Graduate candidates enrolled in the graduate program who do not register for a course in two consecutive grading periods (Fall, Spring, Summer) will automatically be withdrawn from the program. To re-enter the program, students are required to submit a letter of re-application to the director of Graduate Studies and to meet with a Graduate Studies advisor. Those students who voluntarily withdraw from the program must do so in writing to the Director of Graduate Studies. Withdrawal during the term must take place before the withdrawal date to drop with a "W," and may or may not result in a refund for enrolled courses depending on the published schedule. To gain re-admittance, candidates must re-apply to the program using the graduate application. If a period of seven years or more has passed since original enrollment, students may be required to re-take already completed courses in the program.


Appeals procedures for graduate candidates are comparable to those for undergraduates but involve the following: A graduate candidate who has a question concerning a grade should discuss the matter with the instructor as soon as possible. After such consultation, if the graduate candidate believes that the assigned grade resulted from error or malfeasance, the grade may be formally appealed. All appeals should be presented in writing to the director of Graduate Studies. All grade appeals must be initiated no later than the end of the second regular term following the completion of the course for which the grade appeal is being made. The burden of proof lies upon the graduate candidate to show that a mistake was made or that a grade given was "arbitrary and capricious, irrational, made in bad faith or contrary to Constitution or statute" (Susan M. v. New York Law School, 556 N.Y.S. 2nd 1104. Court of Appeals of New York, 1990). The graduate candidate will be notified in writing of all decisions concerning appeals.

Appeals concerning academic regulations or requirements are directed in the following order:

  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • Chair of the Education Department
  • Graduate Appeals Committee
  • Graduate Council
  • Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Academic Honor

Furman expects every student and graduate degree candidate to maintain high standards of personal honor and to be certain that all academic work is the result of his or her own effort or that of authorities properly identified. If students are uncertain about what constitutes plagiarism or any other form of academic dishonesty, it is their obligation to consult their teachers so they fully understand what is expected. Academic dishonesty is subject to severe penalties. Students charged with academic dishonesty or plagiarism may follow the appeals process.

Academic Transcripts

After completing course requirements for the degree, educational professionals are responsible for having transcripts sent by the Registrar's Office (6/28/13) to the appropriate school district and to the Department of Education in the state in which they are certified. Official transcripts reflect the student's complete academic record and are issued with a $5 charge. Requests for official transcripts should be submitted electronically to the Registrar's Office (6/28/13). A request may be submitted online. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Telephone number is 864.294.2030. Official transcripts will be issued with the written authorization of the student. Transcripts will not be issued for a student who has a financial obligation to the university.

Code of Conduct

Integrity Pledge: It is the desire of Furman University to unite its members in a collective commitment to integrity. In so doing, Furman University strives to teach its members to live lives of humility, respect, and responsibility. Therefore, it is the expectation that all members of the Furman University community will conduct themselves with integrity in all endeavors. In honoring these values and ideals as Furman University's foundation, it is with utmost faithfulness and dignity that I will ascribe to them.

Any person enrolled in any course administered through the Office of Graduate Studies is expected to uphold the university's Integrity Pledge and to follow its Code of Conduct. Degree Candidates are expected to exhibit the dispositions outlined in the Education Unit's Conceptual Framework.

As stated in Program continuation requirements (page 3), no graduate degree candidate may be admitted to candidacy with an unresolved Event/Concern Report (D1). Event/Concern Reports (D1) arise when a degree candidate exhibits dispositions in violation of the Conceptual Framework and must be resolved between a degree candidate and the instructor, program coordinator, and/or the Director of Graduate Studies.​

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