As a member of the Education Department, Michael Svec teaches all levels of science methods, a freshmen seminar on Mars, graduate course on culture of American schools, and perspectives on American education. He is also the coordinator for the science education interdisciplinary minor. Professional activities include physics and astronomy education, implementing technology in science classrooms, and inquiry in the K-12 classroom. During the winter and spring of 2005, Dr. Svec was a Fulbright Scholar in the Czech Republic teaching science education courses at Ostrava and Palacky Universities.

Name Title Description


Middle School Curriculum & Org

Current research and best practices will be used as the foundation for acquiring fundamental knowledge of the major components of middle education. Emphasis will be placed on curriculum development and delivery, diverse assessment methods, interdisciplinary teaching, use of technology, and effective pedagogy for the middle level student.


Teaching Internship

Designed for candidates enrolled in Furman's extended program. The course provides candidates with opportunities to plan and implement instruction, manage the classroom, evaluate student progress, communicate with other professionals and parents, and develop as professional educators under the supervision and mentoring of university and public school personnel.


Cultre of Schooling in America

In-depth examination of the major historical, philosophical, social, economic, and ethical influences on education in a democratic society. Lectures, readings, and activities focus on how these factors have affected educational thought and institutions in America from its founding to the present.


Education Laboratory I

For students and prospective teachers exploring education as a career possibility. Observations in different school settings for the purpose of becoming acquainted with the school and with the classroom.


Perspectives on American Educ

Introduction to teachers and teaching, the American school in an increasingly diverse society, and the historical, sociological and philosophical foundations of education.


Science in Grades PK-6

Knowledge of the elementary and middle school science curriculum, teaching strategies and materials, and field-based application in area schools.


Teaching Science in Grds 9-12

Teacher candidates become reflective practitioners developing and delivering quality science curriculum. Covered are laboratory safety, instructional strategies, inquiry learning and the learning cycle, curriculum models emphasizing integration, performance assessment, resource evaluation focusing on technology, and field experiences in area schools.


Teaching Math in Grades 9-12

Teacher candidates become reflective practitioners in the development and delivery of a well-designed standards-based mathematics curriculum. Topics include mathematics curriculum in the secondary school, instructional strategies, performance assessment and resource evaluation focusing on technology. Students are expected to participate in field work in local mathematics classrooms.


Science Education Literature

Examines selected topics in the methodological and philosophical foundations of science education. Topics include nature of science inquiry, context of science, nature of learner, teaching and learning, curriculum, student assessment, and professional practice.


Informal Science Education

Provides students opportunity to apply theory and evidence-based practices in informal learning settings such as museums, zoos, aquariums, or state parks under the supervision of faculty.


Practicum in Teaching

Designed for senior level teacher candidates. Provides opportunities to apply theory and evidence-based practice in the classroom under the supervision of Furman faculty and mentorship of master teacher.


Practicum: Secondary Teaching

Provides candidates with opportunities to apply theory and evidence-based practice in the classroom under the supervision of Furman faculty and mentorship of a master teacher.


Living in Poverty

Readings, lectures, field experiences, community speakers, and critical reflection to assist students who are considering internships associated with the Poverty Studies concentration or other similar experiences.

  • Fulbright Scholar to Czech Republic
  • Delegate Hanban/Confucius Institute
  • President of Southeastern Association for Science Teacher Education
  • Svec M., and Winiski M. "SF and speculative novels: Confronting the science and fiction" IN Challenging Genres: Science fiction and speculative fiction. P. Thomas (ed), 2013. Boston: Sense Publishers, pp. 35-57.
  • Svec, M. "Empowerment through cultural inquiries." IN Becoming and being a teacher: Confronting traditional norms to create new democratic realities, P. Thomas (ed). 2013. New York: Peter Lang, pp. 273-283.
  • Nezvalová, D. & Svec, M. (2008). Trends in science teacher training: Experience in the United States and the Czech Republic. International Journal of Learning, 15 (10) 11-22. ISSN 1447-9494.
  • Svec, M. (2007, November). Reflections on Czech Science Teaching. The Science Teacher, 74 (8) 64-67. ISSN 0036-8555.
Indiana University-Bloomington
University of Illinois-Urbana

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