Since, the fall of 2008, the First Year Seminar Oversight Committee has provided funding through a generous grant from the Duke Endowment for social activities for each FYW/FYS course as well as supplemental funding (by application) for activities that further enhance the educational experiences and opportunities of students enrolled in these courses. Faculty members do not have to apply for the social activity funds, as each course is allotted a certain dollar amount per semester, but faculty are obligated to follow the guidelines for the funds (see below). If a faculty member wishes to apply for supplemental funding, they must complete the funding request application and return it by the dates set by the FYS Oversight Committee each year. If approved for funding, they are obligated to follow the guidelines for supplemental funding.


Timing and Availability

Funds will be released during the semester that the seminar is offered. The specific amount will be shared with faculty who are teaching seminars by the FYS Oversight Committee Chair prior to the start of each semester.

Eligible Faculty

Faculty who are currently instructing a FYW/FYS course are eligible to utilize these funds for their courses taught during the semester that the seminar is offered.

Specific Guidelines for Social Activity Funding

The purpose of these funds is to allow for additional faculty/student interaction beyond the classroom setting. These funds are often used for activities such as meals (either at a restaurant or a faculty member’s residence), special activities (going to see an event or movie together) or perhaps to fund a low cost field trip to a local museum, exhibit, etc. The following guidelines should be followed for the social activity funding:

  1. The faculty member will need to have a receipt for any expenses which they wish to spend out of this account. All receipts should be turned into the designated FYS staff person within 2 weeks of the conclusion of your event. This applies to items charged to a Furman TAP Card which have to be reconciled or items for personal reimbursement.
  2. All receipts must be accompanied by a class roster to show who participated in the event. You can simply print your class roster from Moodle or ARMs. The roster and receipt should be turned in together to the designated staff person.
  3. Per Furman Policy, keep in mind that for food related events, the funding is for “food” items only! You cannot purchase linens, placemats, etc. with these funds. Plates, cups and napkins are acceptable items if a faculty members chooses to host students at their residence, but faculty are not required to host students in their home.
  4. Per Furman Policy, for classes that are taken to eat at restaurants, you MUST provide an “itemized” receipt with individual orders. A receipt with only the “grand restaurant total” is not sufficient. And again, a roster with the names of all students who attended the restaurant meal must be turned in with the full receipt.
  5. Per Furman Policy, you may NOT purchase Gift Cards to give to give to students (or any guest in the course) for class prizes, gifts, etc.
  6. Finally, if the activity involves travel, make sure students complete the Liability Waiver forms and follow the Public Safety Guidelines for background checks for student drivers for your trip.


Timing and Availability

The FYS Oversight Committee Chair will publish deadlines for each semester, but generally, the deadline for applications will be no later than the first week of each academic semester in which the seminar is offered. Faculty are also encouraged to submit their applications prior to the semester if they need to plan ahead for speakers, travel, etc.

NOTE – Each semester, the FYS Committee will consider funding a larger “regional” travel experience for one seminar per semester. This is a competitive process, and an earlier deadline will be established for these applications. Faculty who wish to have their course considered for this funding should adhere to these deadlines.

Eligible Faculty

Faculty who are currently instructing a FYW/FYS course are eligible to utilize these funds for their courses taught during the semester that the seminar is offered.

Specific Guidelines for Supplemental Funding

These funds are to allow for activities/experiences beyond those normally provided for in the Social Activity Funding. Past requests have included activities such as guest speakers, field trips – local and regional, and activities that are specific to the topic of the course (i.e. cooking classes, simulations/demonstrations, etc.). The following questions are followed by the committee:

  • How will the funding requested improve the students’ learning and experience in the course?
  • Will the funding have benefit to multiple iterations of the FYS/W course?
  • Does the request positively impact more than one seminar?
  • Is the FYS Committee the best place to fund the request?

In addition, the committee will also follow these guidelines:

  1. The committee does not ordinarily fund the purchase of books or CD/DVDs. Requests should go first to the library. If there is some reason why the library cannot purchase the materials (for example, if they are in a language in which the library does not buy materials), an instructor can request funds from us. Please include an explanation of why the library cannot buy the materials. In addition, the committee does not ordinarily fund the purchase of desk copies for instructors; if there are extenuating circumstances, we will consider requests. We encourage instructors to contact the publisher of the text first.
  2. When requesting money for trips, please include information about costs: admissions fees, food budget, mileage, hotel costs (if applicable), etc.
  3. When requesting money for a speaker, please include a CV or other materials about the person. Because the cost of some speakers will exceed the amount that the FYS Budget can fund, the committee prefers to see proposals that are co-funded by department funds or other sources such as the Humanities Development or Sisk Funds, especially if the speaker will be conducting supplemental lectures and CLP events beyond the visit the first year seminar.
  4. The application must identify realistic expected costs, vendors, and itemized purchase information. Travel requests must follow Furman’s Policy 388.4 and TAP card purchases Policy 370.4. Again, student liability waivers must be used as well if the activity involves off campus travel:
  5. The FYS fund does not provide support research for personal or professional growth and does not normally fund technology or student assistants. Other sources include the Research and Professional Growth Committee, Faculty Development Committee, and Furman Advantage.
  6. If the request is approved, faculty must follow the guidelines in the Social Activity Section for any food related or travel activities that are part of the supplemental request as well as the following additional guidelines:

    1. Monies are for identifiable expenses reimbursed to the faculty member, for expenses ordered through a department, or paid with a TAP card which are to be paid with an internal funds transfer, or an honorarium paid directly to a guest speaker or artist.
    2. Requests for checks must be submitted to the appropriate FYS staff member at least two weeks prior to the speaker’s event if a check is to be paid when the speaker visits campus along with a signed W-9 Form. The applicant is responsible for completing the tasks necessary to sponsor an event or speaker, including lodging and room reservations, CLP application, etc.
    3. All receipts should be submitted within two week of the completion of the activity.
    4. See Social Activity Guidelines if the supplemental funding involves food related activities.

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