Having taught for several years at a college and a university in India, and having obtained additional graduate degrees in the US, I began my first day of teaching at Furman on the day of the 9/11 attacks. I turned the tragic event into a teaching opportunity, collaborating with colleagues and students to organize a teach-in, and incorporating the event into my freshman writing course. My courses tend to have a broadly global focus, and the methodology I adopt in approaching texts can be described as a brick-layer’s mix aimed at understanding the processes of making meaning by joining the conversations of other scholars in various disciplinary discourses. The pronoun “English” stands, for me, for the global, or the international, and “doing English” is doing culture across languages and cultures. I teach texts in English, and in translation, and do both creative and scholarly work, including translating literary texts. I am currently working on translating an early twentieth-century memoir from Rajasthan, and on a scholarly book on genders and modernities in a comparative context. I have been on the Study Away program to the British Isles, and plan to go on another in the coming years. I am Co-Chair of the interdisciplinary minor in Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, and co-convenor of the 10th ACS Women's & Gender Studies Conference, April 4-5, 2014. The theme of the conference is "Intersections & Assemblages: Genders & Sexualities Across Cultures."

Selected Publications

  • On Another Ground (book of poems)
  • "The alter-native rationality of refusing to be saved," Meenakshi Mukherjee et al., eds. Focus India: The Nation at Home and Abroad, New Delhi
  • "Art as Emancipation, or Truth and Community in Heidegger's Conception of Art," Journal of Contemporary Thought, 25, Summer 2007
  • Review, Conor McCarthy, The Cambridge Introduction to Edward Said, in College Literature: A Journal of Critical Literary Studies, 39, 4, 2012.


  • Research & Professional Growth Grant
  • Professional Development Grant
  • Humanities Development Fund Grant
Name Title Description


Texts and Meaning

An introduction to the study of the structures and methods by which texts create and convey meaning. Texts and approaches will be determined by individual instructors, but all emphasize reflective, critical reading, as well as text-centered discussions and written assignments.


Interpretive Strategies

Addressing issues and questions specific to literary and cultural analysis and in the process exploring various interpretive strategies through which ideas of the literary and of literary study are engaged. The content and perspective of this course will vary according to instructor. Students will read primary theoretical texts, and will write about how theories of literature might inform ways of reading prose, poetry, drama, and/or film. By the end of the term, students should have a sense of how over the years critical debate has shaped the many practices of reading literature.


Advanced Composition

Instruction and practice in writing, analyzing, and evaluating narrative, descriptive, expository, and argumentative essays.


Writing with Writers

Supervised by a prominent writer, students will work on their own creative projects. The genre (prose fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry) will change from year to year.


Nature in South Asian Lit

Introduction to the genre of the pastoral as evidenced in writings about South Asia, both by ?Western? and ?indigenous? authors either visiting or domiciled in the Indian subcontinent. An array of literary texts of different kinds written in different eras will be considered to help students understand the transformations in the genre (including its parody and subversion) in response to cultural and political developments. Secondary texts will also help construct an appropriate interpretive framework for the primary texts.


Experimental Poetries

Introduction to different kinds of British and American poetries and poetics of the 20th century: some that reaffirm the well-known persona-centered lyric in various guises, and others that question the notions of expressivity and authenticity to redefine the lyric through a relatively more pronounced linguistic experimentation.


Gndr in South Asia Lit & Film

Introduction to the various debates over the representations of masculinity and femininity as these categories intersect with other forms of identity and belonging such as caste/class, nation, race, and sexuality through the reading of literary and filmic texts.


Postcolonial Literature

Introduction to the field of Postcolonial Studies through the study of literary, filmic, and theoretical texts focusing on the historical and ongoing interactions of European and non-European cultures from the perspective of domination, resistance, and the search for alternatives.


South Asian Cultural Studies

Introduction to the complex array of issues essential to understanding South Asian cultures in the contemporary context. Examining literary texts and films through interpretive approaches appropriate to the pluralistic cultural traditions of the region and informed by current debates in the humanities.


Senior Seminar in English

Course topic changes with each offering.


Veils and Turbans

This seminar explores the philosophical and historical underpinnings of contemporary Western attitudes to certain practices in Eastern cultures. It takes the recent controversies over different kinds of headwear for men and women as a starting point to gain a better understanding of both Western and Eastern forms of modernity as they impinge on various contested notions of selfhood (of both men and women) and community. Insights gained from philosophical, historical and ethnographic and sociological texts will be used to understand the representations of similar themes in certain works of literature.


Pltc Econ & Culture of Ireland

Cultural, political and economic forces as they have shaped and are currently shaping public and private experiences of various strata of Irish society.


Issues in Women & Gender Stds

Focus on both classical and contemporary issues in Women's and Gender Studies. Survey of feminist theory and historical developments in the women's movement, it provides a foundation for the understanding of contemporary women's issues, including education, family, health, religion, economics and politics.

The University of Notre Dame
M.A., M.F.A.
The University of Notre Dame
M.A., M. Phil.
Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
The University of Jodhpur

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