Lorraine Dejong
  • Associate Professor of Education and Coordinator of Early Childhood Education
  • 864.294.3383
  • Hipp Hall Room 101H
  • lorraine.dejong@furman.edu

Lorraine DeJong has been teaching at Furman University in the graduate program since 1996. As coordinator for the early childhood program, DeJong has led in the development of a post-baccalaureate certification program for teachers that received recognition from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in 1999, 2006, and 2013. Throughout her career, DeJong has been active in and elected to numerous leadership positions within early childhood education. She recently was selected to assume a top leadership role on the teacher education program committee for the NAEYC. In addition, she also currently serves on the boards of the South Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children, the South Carolina Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators, and A Child's Haven. DeJong's current research interests include family-teacher partnerships in early childhood education and teaching pedagogy. Her most recent research involves assisting in a 5-year longitudinal investigation of the Montessori Model of Early Childhood Education in South Carolina, which is being coordinated by Furman's Riley Institute of Government, Politics and Public Leadership

Name Title Description


Infant & Toddler Crgvng & Lrng

Focuses on designing high quality caregiving environments for children, birth through age 3. Through a study of developmental milestones of very young children and factors which lead to positive developmental outcomes, students evaluate and design learning environments for infants and toddlers that provide for appropriate interactions between staff and children and give consideration to curriculum and materials, health and safety, staffing and parental involvement. Class time includes two days of field experience each week.


Preschool Teaching & Learning

Focuses on the development of children ages 3?5 and the design of optimal learning environments for this age child. Students observe, evaluate, develop, and adapt a wide range of commercial and teacher-made materials, methodologies, and curriculum resources for classroom use, and work collaboratively with professional staff and parents of young children during weekly field experiences in a classroom serving young preschool children. Course has a field experience component which requires work with young preschool children and parents.


Erly Primary Grds Tchng & Lrng

Introduction to the field of early childhood education. Focus is on the development of children ages 5?8 and the design of learning environments, including curriculum and instruction, that will foster optimal growth and development. Course has a field experience component which requires work with kindergarten children and parents.


Human Development

Physical, cognitive, social and emotional aspects of development, from conception through older adulthood, with applications for parenting and teacher education.


Erly Primary Grds Tchng & Lrng

Introduction to the field of early childhood education. Focus on the development of children ages 5-8 and the design of learning environments, including curriculum and instruction, that foster optimal growth and development. Students are expected to participate in field work in a kindergarten classroom.


Intergenerational Learning

Issues in aging and adult development are examined through study and intergenerational dialogue. Includes daily readings and interactions with senior citizens and includes engagement with professionals and agencies in the Greenville community whose products and services directly serve those of aging and older adults.

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