Nathan Cook (Ph.D, Michigan State University) joined the Furman Economics faculty in 2008. He teaches courses including Introduction to Economics, International Trade Theory and Policy, Economic Growth and Development, and Intermediate Microeconomics. He has taught a Senior Seminar in Economics on Economic Globalization and a First-Year Writing Seminar on Foreign Aid. He participated in Furman’s Study Away Program in Southern Africa, where he traveled with Furman students through South Africa and Namibia and taught a course on Issues in African Economic Development. Professor Cook's research has focused on trade policy, foreign direct investment, and economic globalization.​

Name Title Description


Introduction to Economics

Introduction to the essential concepts of economic analysis and implications for public policy. Emphasis on examining the operation of markets in both a macro and micro setting. Topics include: inflation, unemployment and monetary policy as well as consumer behavior, the operation of business firms, and supply and demand. Offerings at other institutions are not typically considered equivalent to this course unless they provide thorough coverage of topics introduced in both macro and microeconomics.


Law & Economics

Exploration of the field of law and economics using standard microeconomic tools to examine torts, contract law, property law, and the theory and empirical evidence on criminal behavior.


Economic Growth & Development

The theory of economic development, the historical development experiences of Western, Asian, and African nations, the problem of accelerating rates of development of less advanced nations, and the problem of maintaining economic growth rates of advanced nations.


International Trade Theory

Introduction to international trade theory and policy. A microeconomic perspective of trade models detailing causes and benefits of trade between nations. Consideration of relationship between trade and economic growth and development. Discussion and examination of the effects of exchange rates in trade, roles of trade institutions and the political economy of trade agreements.


Intermediate Microeconomics

Operation of the price system and its role in understanding the behavior of individual economic units: consumers, producers, and suppliers of resources. Applications of price theory to contemporary microeconomic problems.


Senior Seminar in Economics

Capstone course for economics majors. Reading and analysis of selected topics. Research, data analysis and writing of selected topics. Presentation of student research in oral forum.


Can the West Save the Rest?

In this course, we will investigate a number of questions about foreign aid: What is it? Who gives it? To whom? How much? Why? We will carefully consider how to evaluate aid effectiveness, and how to use empirical evidence to support an argument.

  • Cook, Nathaniel P.S. and Kailash Khandke. 2009. "Competition in Economics," in Competition: A Multidisciplinary Analysis, Wade B. Worthen, A. Scott Henderson, Paul R. Rasmussen, and T. Lloyd Benson, eds. Boston: Sense Publishers.
  • Cook, Nathaniel P.S. and Robert L. Underwood. 2012 Attitudes Toward Economic Globalization: Does Knowledge Matter? Global Economy Journal 12(4): 1 – 18.
  • Cook, Nathaniel P.S. and John D. Wilson. 2013. Using Trade Policy to Influence Firm Location. Economics Letters 119(1): 45-47.
  • ​2013-2014 Alester G. Furman, Jr., and Janie Earle Furman Award for Meritorious Teaching
Michigan State University

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