Melanie Cozad (Ph.D., University of Tennessee) joined Furman in 2012. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in economics at the United States Naval Academy with honors and distinction (2002), an MBA from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma (2007), and an MA and PhD in economics from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (2010, 2012). She served as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps from May 2002-June 2007. Her research focuses on quantifying the behavioral responses of individuals, firms, and states to health and environmental policies. Currently, she is examining the ways in which health insurance expansion might impact the efficiency of health care delivery at the state level, the effects of a health insurance mandate on hospital utilization and input decisions, and responses to fuel price increases.

Name Title Description


Introduction to Economics

Introduction to the essential concepts of economic analysis and implications for public policy. Emphasis on examining the operation of markets in both a macro and micro setting. Topics include: inflation, unemployment and monetary policy as well as consumer behavior, the operation of business firms, and supply and demand. Offerings at other institutions are not typically considered equivalent to this course unless they provide thorough coverage of topics introduced in both macro and microeconomics.


Economics of the Environment

Developing the economic tools that are needed to understand the economic basis of environmental problems and evaluate the policies that are intended to reduce environmental degradation.


Health Economics

Using tools of economics to examine the health services industry. Influences of government on supply and demand for services and development of private and public insurance products are examined, as are interactions among medical technology, demand, and insurance. Additional topics include: managed care, international comparisons, and current reform proposals.


Empirical Methods in Economics

Introduction to the methods of preparing and analyzing data for economic research. Students become familiar with the basic empirical methods used by economists, particularly regression analysis. Computer software packages used extensively.

  • "Fuel Price Increases and the Timing of Changes in Household Driving Decisions," with Jacob LaRiviere, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 65(2), March 2013, 194-207.
  • "Efficiency of Health Care Delivery Systems: Effects of Health Insurance Coverage," with Bruno Wichmann, Applied Economics, 45(29), 2013, 4082-4094.
  • "The Effect of Pediatric Knowledge on Hospice Care Costs," with Lisa C. Lindley and Sandra J. Mixer, American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine, forthcoming.
University of Tennessee
University of Tennessee
Cameron University
United States Naval Academy

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