Jenny Warnken Earth and Environmental Sciences Furman University

Class of 2015
Hometown: Naples, Fla. 

Though Furman is really rigorous and people take their grades seriously, it's never been a cutthroat environment. Everyone really wants their friends and fellow classmates to succeed.

Life as a Sustainability Major

  • Why did you decide to come to Furman?

      I fell in love with the community and the students, and felt like it was a very welcoming environment that would allow me to grow through my four years.

  • Why did you decide to be a Sustainability major?

      I loved that it is an interdisciplinary major and knew that it could set me up with a lot of career opportunities. It also really helped me see the relevance of my biology degree.

  • Best experience in the department:

      Going on camping trips for my environmental systems class. We went on two weekend camping trips, one to the Smoky Mountains and one to Okefenokee in Georgia. It was a really neat experience, where we got to see firsthand what we were learning in the class and we got to know our professors better. 

  • Career goals:

      I would like to lead conservation education programs in zoos and aquariums. I'll planning to go to graduate school to pursue a Master's degree in Natural Resources.

  • Internship experience:

      Following my freshman year, I served as a conservation associate at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. I did education programs for summer camps and also worked in the wildlife rehabilitation center.

Best of List

  • Best study location:

      Leopard Forest, a coffee house in downtown Traveler's Rest. I like that it's quiet, but not too quiet.

  • Best thing about Greenville:

      The food. The best food I've ever had is in Greenville. Whatever mood you're in, you'll find it here.

  • Biggest challenge:

      For me, it's remembering to give myself breaks on the weekends and that there's a lot more to college than classwork. I'm always going to be focused on my grades. But I also want to enjoy Greenville, go for a hike, eat out at a restaurant or stay up late with friends.

  • Favorite place to eat:

      Smoke on the Water. I love all the side dishes and the macaroni and cheese.

  • Favorite Furman tradition:

      My favorite tradition is throwing people in the lake or in the fountains on their birthday. I remember when I was a freshman, in early December, being thrown in the fountains in front of the library.

  • Best campus dining spot:

      I love the cereal station in the dining hall.

Helpful Tips

  • Choosing a major:

      Don't feel pressured to declare right away. Once you find a class that's really interesting, take more classes in that department to see if you want to declare that major. Don't be afraid to email any professor in the department to talk and see if that major would suit your future career interests.

  • Getting involved on campus:

      Don't feel pressured to get involved with every club that sounds cool. Wait to see what you're passionate about and if there's a club that aligns with that. Focus on that club and a few others, but don't spread yourself too thin. You'll get more out of it and you'll be more dedicated to the organization that you choose.

  • Making friends:

      On the first day of school, don't be afraid to ask someone to go and have a meal with you. Especially freshman year. Everyone is looking for a friend and everyone has to eat. You can always find someone to do that with, or find a study buddy.

  • What isn't in the brochure:

      Though Furman is really rigorous and people take their grades really seriously, it's never been a cutthroat environment. Everyone really wants their friends and fellow classmates to succeed.

  • Living on campus:

      If you're not living on a Greek Hall your sophomore year, consider living in the eco-cabins. You get your own washer dryer, your own space and a great place to live away from the dorms.

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