Sample Capacity Notice

Here we go again!  The Initial Course Election (ICE) tool will be available to returning students after they return from fall break on Monday, October 6.  In preparation for their "run" which will be conducted during the final week of October, please review enrollment capacity and instructor information for your department or program in the attached Excel file.  Confirm or correct the data and respond to me no later than Friday, October 17.
We will continue to provide you the opportunity to instruct Academic Records to initially limit enrollments in course sections based on class standing.  To do so, indicate the enrollment capacity that should be stated at the beginning of each ICE run based on the class standing priority designation.  For instance, if your intention is to provide sophomore, freshman and new students (whose choices are processed in a separate run) a chance to register a popular introductory course that typically has filled with seniors and juniors and where 25 students is the ultimate enrollment goal you might enter 5-10-25-25-25... which would ensure no more than 5 seniors, no more than 10 juniors and seniors, and allow all the seats to fill beginning with the sophomores first opportunity to register.  This action will limit students only during ICE.  If your intention is to allow no upperclassmen into a particular course section regardless, please indicate your intention in the notes column because we must use a different database mechanism altogether to make that happen. Remember, our ICE priority structure is already set to provide a fair method for all students to access scarce seats in our courses.  Limiting enrollment capacities to exclude any particular student group should only be undertaken in circumstances where our goals are clear, such as encouraging students to major in your discipline. Be mindful too, that we will have a much greater ability to review, and "fix" if need be, section enrollments in the quiet period (roughly a week) between the ICE submission deadline and the beginning of the Course Adjustment Period (CAP).
We will also need to know if you plan to take advantage the registration "by invitation" process.
In regard to registration "by invitation", we would ask that if you can identify students who need or want a specific course section that we should definitely accommodate.  We will register these "invitees" in the course section before ICE picks are processed.  We will avail ourselves of this option at the behest of the department or program and only for upper-level courses designed for majors in your discipline.  I would depend on you all to communicate to the students that they had been "invited" into a particular section and that they will not need request it via ICE.  Let me know if you want to take this approach no later Friday, October 24. You may also use the "by invitation" mechanism to provide for automatic registration in sequenced courses, we will register those students currently enrolled in the first or second course of a sequence in the corresponding section in the next semester before ICE processing. We will only avail ourselves of this option at the behest of the department or program and we will only use this feature when choice of time and instructor (section) is not an issue.  For instance, we will register all the students currently enrolled in the single section of GRK-110 into the single section of GRK-120 the next semester, but we would not attempt to do the same for the multiple sections of SPN-110 as it relates to SPN-120.
Registration "by invitation" acts as a service to both us and the students.  It ensures each student a spot in a course they need... or would likely very much want, ensures the department... at least some certainty... about who will be enrolled in each section, and ensures the university that these students... at least in this limited way... will not be out "fishing" in other course sections.

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