Dates and Events


September 24               Outstanding incomplete grades convert to failing   
September 24               Travel study final grades due
September 27                Lunch 'n' Learn - Advising Month: Sense of belonging


October 2                       Lunch 'n' Learn - Information about the Council of
                                       Undergraduate Research
October 6                       Fall break begins
October 9                       Last day of fall break
October 11                     Lunch 'n' Learn - Advising month:  How to use the
                                       Fourtitute data for advising
October 17                     Lunch 'n' Learn
October 19                     Midterm grades due
October 19                     Lunch 'n' Learn -Advising month: International
                                       students and their academic challenges
October 25                     Lunch 'n' Learn - Advising month: Students of special


November 2                   Lunch 'n' Learn - My wellness at Furman
November 7                   Last day to withdraw from a course
November 8                   Lunch 'n' Learn - Study Away
November 16                 Lunch 'n' Learn - Conscious leadership
November 21                 First day of Thanksgiving Holiday
November 22                 Thanksgiving Day
November 23                 Holiday
November 30                 Lunch 'n' Learn - Moodle and make-up school days


December 6                   Lunch 'n' Learn - Academic Integrity
December 11                 Student opinion of instruction survey period opens
December 11                 Classes end
December 12                 Study day
December 13                 Final examinations begin
December 19                 Final examinations end
December 20                 Student opinion of instruction survey period closes
December 21                 Final grades due
December 22                 First day of Winter Break


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