Number Course Name Credits Lab Prerequisites
CSC-101 Introduction to Computing (formerly CS-16) 4 hours Check mark none
CSC-102 Introduction to Computing with Scripting (formerly CS-17) 4 hours Check mark none
CSC-105 Intro to Computer Science 4 hours Check mark
CSC-111 Introduction to Information Technology (formerly CS-19) 4 hours Check mark none
CSC-121 Introduction to Computer Science I (formerly CS-11) 4 hours Check mark none
CSC-122 Introduction to Computer Science II (formerly CS-12) 4 hours Check mark CSC-11
CSC-221 Topics in Programming (formerly CS-21)
2 hours Check mark CSC-122
CSC-231 Computer Organization (formerly CS-25) 4 hours Check mark CSC-121
CSC-261 Discrete Structures for Computer Science (formerly CS-22) 4 hours
CSC-121 and MTH-140 or...
CSC-271 Morals, Law and Society in the Digital Age (formerly CS-20) 4 hours
CSC-331 Computer Architecture (formerly CS-32) 4 hours Check mark CSC-231
CSC-332 Data Communications and Networking (formerly CS-37) 4 hours Check mark CSC-231
CSC-341 Database Management Systems (formerly CS-40) 4 hours Check mark CSC-122
CSC-342 Web-Based Application Design (formerly CS-38) 4 hours Check mark CSC-102 or 121
CSC-343 Artificial Intelligence (formerly CS-33) 4 hours Check mark CSC-122 and 261...
CSC-344 Computer Graphics and Image Processing (formerly CS-34) 4 hours Check mark CSC-122 and 261...
CSC-346 Operating Systems 4 hours

CSC-351 Project Management (formerly CS-31) 4 hours Check mark CSC-102 or 121
CSC-352 Systems Analysis (formerly CS-41) 4 hours Check mark CSC-122
CSC-353 Software Engineering (formerly CS-35) 4 hours Check mark CSC-122
CSC-361 Information Structures (formerly CS-30) 4 hours Check mark CSC-122 and 261...
CSC-363 Programming Languages Structures (formerly CS-36) 4 hours Check mark CSC-122
Computational Theory (formerly CS-44) 4 hours
CSC-122 and 261 or...
CSC-465 Introduction to Numerical Analysis (formerly CS-49) 4 hours Check mark CSC-121 and MTH-151
CSC-475 Seminar in Computer Science (formerly CS-75) 4 hours
enrollment limited to juniors...
CSC-501 Directed Independent Study (formerly CS-80) 0 hours
CSC-502 Research (formerly CS-85) 4 hours

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