Dr. Lukacovic teaches courses in mass media and communication studies. Her recent research has been primarily focused on trends in political communication on digital media platforms; specifically user-generated online content in connection to security, violence, and peace journalism. Her works have appeared in scholarly journals; International Communication Research Journal and Conflict & Communication Online. She has also presented at a number of regional, national, and international conferences; including annual conferences of leading associations in the field such as NCA (National Communication Association), AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication), and ICA (International Communication Association). ​

Name Title Description


Public Speaking

Study of the fundamental principles and strategies of informative, persuasive, and ceremonial speaking. Emphasis on how to research, organize, and deliver a speech. The ethical, political, and social character of public speaking is also examined. Students perform a variety of speeches and oral exercises and serve as speech critics and interlocutors.


Digital Communication

The use of digital, electronic media in the cultivation of democratic society. Students will gather information and learn to transmit that information through blogs, podcasts, video, and other digital media.


Intro to Mass Communication

The nature and history of mass communication. Beginning with oral communication and the literacy revolution and moving to print, electronic, and digital forms of communication. Examining the social, economic, political, legal, and cultural aspects of mass communication, as well as the role of technology in the development of mass media.


Studies in Mass Media

Concentrated study in one area or theorist of mass communication. Course topics will change with each offering. Potential topics include the global media integration, the internet as a public sphere, public journalism, the theories of Marshall McLuhan, Hollywood film genres, or Italian film. Varied topics.


Communication Ethics

The ethical questions raised by the practice of human communication. The sources of ethical standards, methods of ethical criticism, and perspectives on the ethics of persuasion.

  • Lukacovic, M. N. (2016) Peace journalism and radical media ethics. Conflict & Communication Online, 15(2).
  • Vultee, F., Lukacovic, M., & Stouffer, R. (2015). Eyes 1, brain 0: Securitization in text, image and news topic. International Communication Research Journal, 50(2), 111-138.
  • Brown, K., & Lukacovic, M. N. (2014, April). Peace journalism: Transforming the field of journalism. The Peace Journalist Magazine, 20-21.
  • Elizabeth G. Youngjohn Undergraduate Teaching Award, Department of Communication, Wayne State University (2014)
  • Graduate Student Research/Creative Activity Award, Department of Communication, Wayne State University (2015)
  • Top Competitive Graduate Student Paper (I. Place), Eurasian Communication Association of North America at National Communication Association (NCA), (2015)
  • Top Panel Award in Media Studies, Central States Communication Association (CSCA), (2014)
Wayne State University
Wayne State University
Ferris State University

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