Multimedia Equipment Available for Checkout

The following equipment is available for Furman students, faculty, & staff to check out for up to 24 hours at a time:
  • ​Video cameras that record to SD cards
  • Tripods
  • Audio recorders
  • iClickers (presentation tools for conducting polls in class)

How To Checkout Equipment

To checkout or reserve equipment, please visit the Writing & Media Lab in the Center for Academic Success (room 002, on the lower level of the Library).

You may also call or email us to reserve equipment to pick up. Reserved equipment will be held for pick up for only 24 hours, after which it will be put back in circulation if not picked up.

  • Call us: 864-294-2323
  • Email us:
To renew equipment, log in to your Library account.

Do you have questions about checking out equipment? We have answers!

  • What do I need to bring with me to check out equipment?
    • Please make sure you have your Furman ID card. If you are not affiliated with the University in such a way as to have a Furman ID card, we cannot loan you any equipment. Exceptions may only be made by the CTL Director or Writing & Media Lab Coordinator.

  • How long can I keep borrowed equipment?
    • You may keep it for 24 hours. Borrowed equipment needs to be returned before the Writing & Media Lab closes the next day. For example, if you borrow a camera on Monday, you need to return it before we close on Tuesday.

      You may renew equipment once online for an additional 24 hours.

      There is one exception: if a camera is checked out on Friday, the camera is due back the next day the Writing & Media Lab is open (during Fall and Spring, this will be 7:00 pm the following Sunday; during Summer, May Experience, or interim times between terms, this may be 9:00 am the following Monday)​.

  • How do I renew euquipment if I need to keep it longer than 24 hours?
    • You may log in to your Library account and renew the item for an additional 24 hours. If you have already renewed the item once, you will need to come to the Writing & Media Lab to request additional time.

      If you need something for longer than 2 days, please contact the Writing & Media Lab Coordinator for approval.

  • What if I need more than one of an available item (i.e., I need to borrow three cameras instead of just one)?
    • Please contact the Writing & Media Lab Coordinator directly if you need to borrow more than two of any single item (such as more than two cameras, or if you need as many iClickers as we have).

  • How do I save video or audio that I record with WML equipment?
    • Most of our equipment has some form of recordable media, such as an SD card, that you may borrow when you check out the item. We will also lend you a converter that will allow you to connect the SD card to your computer via USB and copy your video or audio recordings.

      If you check out equipment that does not use an SD card as provided by the Writing & Media Lab, then you are responsible for providing your own recordable media (i.e., MiniDV tapes, audio cassettes, CDs, or DVDs).​

      You can also ask any Consultant for help with backing up your recordings in the Writing & Media Lab on one of our computers.

  • What if I return the equipment late?
    • Late items will be assessed a fine of $5.00 per day and per item (i.e., if a camera and a tripod are checked out together, and both are a day late, the client must pay $5.00 for the camera and $5.00 for the tripod, for a total of $10.00). Fines may be paid to the James B. Duke Library Circulatio​n Desk.

      Items late by a week or more will be assumed lost, and you will be billed for the replacement cost of the equipment. If you return equipment after you have been billed, the replacement cost will be changed to the appropriate late fees.

      We do not accept payment in the Writing & Media Lab. Please pay late fees at the Circulation Desk.

  • What if I lose or damage the equipment?
    • Lost or damaged items will be assessed for repair or replacement costs, and you are responsible for paying those costs if you lose or damage Writing & Media Lab equipment.

  • If I have a question about a fine or late fee, who should I talk to?
    • Please contact the Writing & Media Lab Coordinator directly.

      Student Consultants may not make any promises or guarantees regarding the removal or reduction of fines. Writing & Media Lab equipment that is checked out through the Library's Millennium system is subject to the University Policy for the Circulation of Library Materials in addition to the policies stated on this website.

  • What if I ask one of my friends to return the equipment for me?
    • If you check out a piece of equipment, then you are responsible for the safe return of that equipment and any fines incurred for late returns as described above. The Writing & Media Lab does not recognize delegation of this responsibility.

      If you ask a friend to return equipment for you, and your friend returns it late, then you will be responsible for the late fees.

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