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Marketing Principles

Introduction to the field of marketing with a detailed study of the marketing concept, including market segmentation, consumer behavior and external environments. Focus on processes of product development, pricing, distribution and promotion. For non-Business Administration majors only.


Performance Management

Introduction to fundamental principles and methods of Behavior Analysis as applied to performance improvement in organizations. Students will interview local business managers/owners, learn to pinpoint areas for performance improvement, develop measurement systems, and design and evaluate evidence-based solutions to performance-based workplace deficiencies.


Consumer Behavior

Study of internal and external influences on consumer behavior as an applied science. Emphasizes behavioral, social, and motivational aspects of buyer decision-making. Underscores the dynamic relationship of the consumer to society, business strategy, and economic markets.


Human Systems

Exploration of the effects of human activities, consumption patterns and the complexity of human behavior on sustainable development. Application of the science of human behavior to complex problems such as sustainable consumption, human health, poverty, equity, and food security.

Selected Publications:
  • ​Fagerstrom, A., J. P. Stratton, and G. R. Foxall (2015).  "The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the consumer purchasing situation."  Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 35(3-4), 184-205.
  • Horhota, M., *Asman, J., Stratton, J. P., and Halfacre, A. C. (2014).  "Identifying Behavioral Barriers to Campus Sustainability:  A Multi-method Approach."  International Journal of Sustainability, 15(3), 343-358.
  • Stratton, J. P. and *Werner, M. J. (2013).  "Consumer Behavior Analysis of Fair Trade Coffee:  Evidence from Field Research."  The Psychological Record, 63, 363-374.
  • Horhota, M., Stratton, J.  P., Halfacre, A. C., and *Asman, J. (2011).  Engaging Incoming First-year Students:  Lessons Learned from a Sustainability Orientation Session."  Sustainability:  Journal of Record, 4(1), 26-32.
  • Stratton, J. P., Moser, V. A., and *Wallace, C. H. (2011).  "The Retail Laboratory:  Lessons from an Anthropologist."  Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 31(3), 210-214.
Selected Presentations:

  • Stratton, J. P., Burt, D. C., Powers, A. R., *Newbold., S., and Fair, M. (2016).  "Point of Purchase Advertising and Consumer Patterns of Healthier Food Choices:  Examination of a 5-year Community-based Collaboration."  Association for Behavior Analysis International.
  • Stratton, J. P., Burt, D. C., Powers, A. R., Fair, M., *Horner, N., and *Newbold, S. (2015).  Antecedents and Consumer Behavior:  Analysis of Point-of-Purchse Advertising of Healthy Food Choices.  Florida Association for Behavior Analysis.
  • Burt, D., Powers, A. R., Stratton, J. P., and Fair, M. (2015).  "Consumer Acceptance of Healthy Concession Options at Greenville County Water Parks."  Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior.
  • Stratton, J.  P. (2015).  "The Mind of the Consumer."  Distinguished Lecture Series.  Florida State University.
  • *Jones, H. E. and Stratton, J. P. (2014).  "Retailer Signage and Product Labels in Grocery Stores:  Prevalence Rates of Gre​enwashing."  Association of American Geographers.
  • Stratton, J. P. and *Baratta, D. M. (2013).  "An Empirical Investigation of Social Product Labeling Strategies:  Point of Purchase Advertising."  Association for Behavior Analysis International.
  • Stratton, J. P. (2011).  "Leaning Forward:  Sustainability, Corporate Greenwashing, and Consumer Behavior Analysis."  Invited address, Organizational Behavior Management Network Conference.
​*Student Author
M.S., Ph.D. 
Florida State University (Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences)

B. S. Western Michigan University

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