Harry Kuoshu came to Furman in 2005. He previously taught at Reed College in Portland, Oregon and Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. His current research focuses on post-Mao Chinese cinema.​

Name Title Description


Elementary Chinese I

Introduction to the sound system and grammatical structures necessary to develop listening and speaking skills in Mandarin Chinese. Initial reading and writing exercises with basic Chinese characters. An appreciation of Chinese culture underlies the orientation of the course


Elementary Chinese II

Continuation of work on the sound system and grammatical structures necessary to develop listening and speaking skills in Mandarin Chinese, including reading and writing exercises with basic Chinese characters. An appreciation of Chinese culture underlies the orientation of the course


Intermediate Chinese II

Continuation of Mandrian Chinese language development with emphasis on communication skills, expansion of vocabulary and idiomatic expression. Cultural activities and outside readings required.


Chinese Film

Cultural, intellectual, artistic and social issues that lead to an informed understanding of Chinese film, film analysis, and China. Selected films are organized under the topics of gender, ethnicity, melodrama, and urbanism.


Survey of Chinese Literature

The development of literature in China from its beginnings to the modern period. Through study of representative works in English translation, the course offers an overview of Chinese literature and examines the role of culture and society.


Chinese Civilization

Surveys the social and cultural topography of China from earliest times to the present. Special attention is given to the intersections of intellectual traditions, social customs, visual arts, architecture, literature, and popular culture.


Advanced Chinese I

Continued study of Mandrian Chinese emphasizing advanced conversation skills. Special focus on effective exchange of more complex ideas in daily life and topics of interest.


Chinese through Film & Media

Utlizing a textbook on Chinese language films, students will encounter original Chinese texts related with films and TV shows. Emphasis on developing high level of reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension, and on greater sophistication in utilizing appropriate discourse strategies.


Chinese Studies Thesis

Guided research, translation, and writing on a topic in a field of Chinese Studies in which the student has had previous course work. The student will propose a thesis project to a faculty member in the field of Chinese Studies who by approving it becomes the thesis advisor.

Contemporary Chinese urban youth culture and xiaozi (petty-bourgeois) literature.


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  • European Culture: An Introduction. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press, 1992; co-author (with Wang Zuoliang, Zhu Jue, Li Pingwei, et. al).
  • Laughing Lost in the Mountains: Poems of Wang Wei, University Press of New England, 1991; co-translator (with Tony and Willis Barnstone).
Cornell University
Cornell University
University of Massachusetts-Boston
Beijing Foreign Studies University

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