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This student organization focuses on finding ways to educate the campus on art opportunities through social gatherings, picnics, fundraising activities, promoting and selling student work, and gallery trips. Roer's is a community-oriented, socially conscious group that focuses on the entrepreneurial side of art. All students interested in art-related activities are welcome to join, regardless of their major.


Each spring, enrolled art students are invited to apply to scholarships awarded by the Art Department. To be eligible for these awards freshmen and sophomores must have specified art as their intended major and must enroll in certain courses as specified in the award letter; juniors and seniors must have declared an art major.

Eligible students must submit portfolios and Scholarship Application Form at the designated time. Scholarships are not automatically renewed; therefore, students must reapply each year. Portfolios will be reviewed by all department faculty members. Awards will be made on the basis of diligence in his or her work, dedication to achieving excellence, performance in the department, and responsibility. Financial need is also a consideration for some scholarship funds. If students do not maintain the standards or criteria of the award, the scholarship may be revoked or reduced by a majority decision of the art department faculty.

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Students wishing to apply for these scholarships must fill out the application form and include your online portfolio in the space provided on the application form, by March 25, 2018.

Select 10-20 of your best works from as many media and art classes as possible.  Include at least 2-4 drawings from life.  You may also include scans from your sketchbook or journal.  Upload your images to a portfolio website such as or or  Please include the title, date of completion, and if applicable, class for which you completed work.

Students that are choosen for awards are typically heavily involved in the Art Department.

    • Available scholarships

        Applicants are evaluated on the basis of originality, compositional skills, craftsmanship in presentation, potential, ambition, openness to new ideas, and need. The Office of Financial Aid must approve awards.

        Scholarship awards will be made by late April and are contingent upon the student’s acceptance to Furman by the Admissions Office. Scholarship monies may be used only for study at Furman or through Furman’s study away programs.

        Charles E. Blackwood Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to one or more art students who demonstrate financial need and show a strong creative potential in the visual arts. Renewal criteria is continuing to demonstrate financial need (by completing the Financial Aid form) and meeting all criteria set by art faculty.

        Glenn U. Boyles Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to one or more students majoring in or planning to major in art. The award is at the discretion of the art faculty.

        Mattie Hipp Cunningham Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to the student who shows the greatest promise in appreciation of, or creativity in, literature and fine arts. The award rotates between the English, Drama, and Art departments, and is therefore available to Art every third year only.

        Thomas E. Flowers Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to full-time Furman students majoring in art who have demonstrated quality work, exemplified high moral character, and shown academic promise. Once awarded, the recipient keeps this scholarship until graduation, so long as the student continues to meet all criteria and continues to major in Art.

        Lollie Jane Turk Hines Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded one or more times a year to full-time art students who demonstrate a financial need, exemplify high moral character, and show academic and artistic promise.

        Glen E. Howerton Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to full-time students majoring in art who have demonstrated quality work, exemplified high moral character, and shown academic promise.

        Irene Hendricks Keith Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to one or more students majoring in art or students with a strong interest in art. Renewal is at the discretion of the art faculty.

        William A. Leslie, Jr. Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to one or more deserving and worthy students who are juniors or seniors. Preference is given to students who plan to pursue a career in advertising, publications, communications, or graphic arts. Note: this scholarship can be given to a non-art major as long as their career goal meets the criteria established by the scholarship agreement. Junior scholarships may be renewed the senior year as long as the student continues to meet the criteria of the scholarship.

        Sidney L. Lowe Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a junior or senior who is seeking a career in advertising either as a graphic artist or in advertising marketing. The recipient may be a non-art major who meets the career goal criteria. Once awarded, a recipient may keep the scholarship until graduation. 


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